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Justinguitar Ear Trainer

The Justinguitar Ear Trainer


Free melodic and harmonic interval ear trainer.

Welcome to the Justinguitar Ear Trainer . Big thanks to Martin who programmed it for me! If you need help with this please see the Aural Training area of the web site!

** NOT WORKING, was developed using an older version of php which has now become out of date **
** We are working on rebuilding it, sorry for the delay **
** Meanwhile, if you have an iOS device, check out my Ear Trainer app which does the same * *

There are 10 levels, starting at Level 1 you need to reach 90% or higher to progress to the next level!

Or you can select training level, pick the intervals you wish to work on and get busy with it!

Levels 1 to 5 are only ascending intervals (going up).
Levels 6 to 10 conatin ascending and descending intervals (up and down).

Level 1 & 6: Unison, Perfect 4, Perfect 5.
Level 2 & 7 adds: Maj 2, Maj 3.
Level 3 &8 adds: Maj 6, Maj 7, Octave (all diatonic intervals)
Level 4 & 9 adds: min 2, min 3
Level 5 & 10 adds: min 6, min 7, Aug 4 (all chromatic intervals within the octave)

You can change the sound on the first page where you enter your name. I usually think piano is best, but use whatever you like!!

Good luck dudes and dudettes!





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