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Private lessons, group workshops and meet and greets!

I love travelling, it's one of my favourite things in life... so travelling around and doing lessons, clinics and meet ups is awesome, maybe some concerts too if I can find enough time to practice up a set of material!! ;).

I've not had time to plan many meet ups or lesson lately - but I have a series of workshops in the UK in the works for 2015 :)

Australia - March 2015

So I'm headed back to see my family and thought I'd squeeze in a couple of workshops and meet and greets! Still working on the details but so far will be a "Jamming Workshop" in the afternoon for a couple of hours at a music store and then the evening will be drinks in bar to hang and chat about guitars! I'm still trying to work out if I can get to Melbourne in time to do a meet and greet there but it's looking a bit tight right now... but I'll keep you posted here!

Sydney - Saturday 14th

Hobart - Saturday 28th

So keep those dates free and I'll let you know venue details as soon as I sort them out!

Residential Workshops in Tuscany (Italy) 2015

We are running three workshops in Tuscany in 2015 - My friend Dario Cortese is running one on Jazz Guitar Basics, acoustic master Mike Dawes is running one on Acoustic Fingerstyle and I'll be running one (with Dario) on Blues Guitar.

More information about the Tuscany workshops here!