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Private lessons, group workshops and meet and greets!

I love travelling, it's one of my favourite things in life... so travelling around and doing lessons, clinics and meet ups is awesome, maybe some concerts too if I can find enough time to practice up a set of material!! ;).

I've not had time to plan many meet ups or lesson lately - but I have a series of workshops in the UK in the works for 2015 :)

Australia - March 2015 - SOLD OUT

So I'm headed back to see my family and thought I'd squeeze in a couple of workshops and meet and greets! I've sorted out Sydney, still working on Hobart workshop and meet and greets - more detials here soon!

Sydney - Saturday 14th, 2 to 5pm - JAMMING WORKSHOP - $50 min

Join me for a 3 hour 'Jamming Workshop' where we'll be learning how to jam using a range of techniques, scales and concepts. I have a maximum of 15 students and it's a participation workshop - you will get up and jam with me! :)

I divide the workshop into three 55 minute (ish) sessions (taking breaks is important to absorb all the info I'll be hitting you with!). We'll be covering the following topics with 5 people getting up to jam after I explain each concept. Nearly all the time the feedback one person gets applies to a lot of the group which is why I think this format is so effective. You'll also hear other people making mistakes and likely recognise them in your own playing!

• Blues form (12 Bar Blues)
• Scales for Blues
• The importance of Blues Language

Funk, Rock and Pop
• Diatonic Chords of the Major Scale
• Making Modes easy (really, if you can play major scale, you can play any mode!)
• Learn how to use Reactive Listening to make your playing musical

Ear Training
• Playing completely 'by ear'
• Transcribing and why it helps so much
• Learning to 'play what you hear'

What level is it for? Am I good enough?
Aimed at Intermediate players (those doing or done the Intermediate Method), but if you know (and can play from memory) Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1 and Major Scale Pattern 1 we can get you going and you'll have loads of fun. I structure the workshop so those with less experience get up and jam with Blues, those with some experience jam the next session of major scale based stuff and more advanced players play more by ear! I do my best to pitch it for all levels. If you're still struggling with open chords it might not be for you, but if you can play the Blues Scale and Major Scale and had a bit of go at improvising before you'll enjoy it :)

The workshop will be held in the "Crows Nest" area of Sydney, I'll send you details when your booking is confirmed.

The price is 'minimum $50', I think this kind of workshop is worth more than that but I don't want it to be only for people with money, so it's fifty bucks upfront and if you can afford it and you enjoy the workshop you might consider making a donation to the site later. But that up to you. Howzat!

Sorry, SOLD OUT!
All places are now sold out sorry - but as it's been so popular I'll be making sure I allow more time next time!


Italy - June 2015 - Residential Workshops in Tuscany

We are running three workshops in Tuscany in 2015, There are two Blues Jamming workshops that I'm running with my buddy Dario Cortese (one is sold out, but still a few spots on the other) and Mike Dawes is running one on Acoustic Fingerstyle. These workshops are seriously cool fun :)

More information about the Tuscany workshops here!