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Private lessons, group workshops and meet and greets!

I love travelling, it's one of my favourite things in life... so travelling around and doing lessons, clinics and meet ups is awesome, maybe some concerts too if I can find enough time to practice up a set of material!! ;).

Here's where you will find info about where I'll be doing what and there is a booking form at the bottom of the page if you want to come by!

August 16th 2014 (Saturday) Dorset Workshops

I'll be running a couple of 3 hour workshops in Dorset at Conversion Studios (where We Came As Strangers record our albums!) and Owen and Ellem (from the band) will be running a Songwriting workshop in the evening. Sure it'll be a lot of fun!

See the Conversion Studio website for more information and booking!


Skype Lessons - What can you expect?

I only do a couple of days a year of Skype lessons and they're always announced first in the newsletter and usually sell out with in a day, so get in quick if you want one.

Skype lessons last 55 minutes and cost £100, yes I know it's a lot but after vat and tax I'm only left with what most regular teachers charge! And I think I'm worth it ;)

You MUST be familiar with using Skype and know you have good connection as if connection is sketcky and keeps dropping out then I can't go longer and you'll be losing the time you paid for. I have super fast (100Mb) broadband so I know it's solid my end!

We can cover anything you like (that I'm capeable of) but most people like to do a 'check up', play some things and make sure things are going well - there are many area's like posture and improvising that are very difficult to teach or learn with online video lessons.

Private Lessons - What can you expect?

Lot of people ask about the private lessons, and wonder if it's worth coming for a one off session... I've been doing these one off lessons for quite a few years now and there are a number of things that can be very beneficial from just a one off lesson.

Many people come for a "check up", especially if they have only been learning online it can be good to check that technique/posture is solid. Others come for help sorting a practice routine which is easily achievable in a lesson and I can suggest progression of the online lessons. Rhythm guitar problems are something I see often and quite good progress can be made in a single lesson, not miracles, but I can show you what and how to practice and it should help a lot!

Meet Ups - What can you expect?

Meet ups are a lot of fun. No playing usually, just meeting up for a beer or two and chatting about guitars, lessons and life. You might think they'd be all crowded and stuff but usually it's like 5-15 people show up, so as well as a fun hang it's also a chance for you to meet up with other local guitar players! I'm happy to sign stuff and do photos or whatever, it's all relaxed and just fun, just come by and hang out! You have to email in and I'll reply a day or two before the event with details of where and when - this is just so I have a rough idea on numbers of people coming and if I have to reserve an area or something.




Keep an eye on the newsletter or the Facebook page as lessons, workshops and shows are announced there first.

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Private Lessons usually run from 11am to 7pm, if you have a time preference then please say below, we'll email you the closest available time. Please note that if you can only do a certain time it may restrict the chance of you getting a place.

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