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BL-000 • Blues Guitar Index Page

The Blues Guitar Lessons

So you've decided to sell your soul at the crossroads and learn the blues? Where do you start? Well here I have to in depth courses for you, one on Blues Rhythm Guitar and one on Blues Lead Guitar, both very comprehensive and completely free, so what are you waiting for?

Playin The Blues, Paying Your Dues... donate please ;) lol

I love the blues, and in this area I hope to teach you how to play some blues. The process is quite simple really, but like everything worth doing, it's going to take some practice. Nothing good happens overnight and if you ever see an ad along the lines of "be a guitar god in 10 days" or other such ads, you can be assured that it is a load of garbage - the only thing that is gonna make you good is lots of practice.

Practicing the right stuff can help you get better faster and that is what I'm going to show you in these courses - easy progressive methods that will get you playing blues that sound cool as quickly as possible! The most authentic way to learn the blues is to transcribe it yourself, and I'm sure that after this course you will be very well prepared to start on that journey.

There are three series here: Blues Lead Guitar and Blues Rhythm Guitar and Monday Blues... Lick! Of course everyone wants to learn lead guitar but learning the fundamental rhythm elements is just as important, if not more important! I wrote the Blues Lead Guitar before I'd written the Intermediate Foundation, so many beginners get stuck into this after the Beginner's Course as a bridge getting to the Intermediate Foundation lessons...

Blues Rhythm Guitar Series

This is an "Intermediate Module" which will cover all the basic tools you need to play Blues Rhythm Guitar, you should study the Intermediate Foundation lessons before starting the course or you may find parts of it very difficult, don't try to build on sketchy foundations! There are backing tracks included for every lesson too which I think will be a big help in getting your rhythm solid!

The DVD version includes all the lessons in the online series, PLUS 3 bonus lessons (44 minutes worth!) PLUS the full backing tracks as mp3 PLUS a pdf booklet with all the charts and chord grips and stuff - and remember that buying our products enables me to make more free stuff :)

BL-201 • 12 Bar Blues in 12 Keys
I've actually done one of these back in '07, but I thought a new HD version to start the series would be a good thing! In it you will learn to see the I, IV and V chords visually grouped together on the fingerboard and learn to move between them! An absolutely essential skill if you want to play the blues.

BL-202 • 12 Bar Shuffle Picking Techniques
So this lesson is all about the picking and explains the different possibilities and how and when to play them. It's a really important part of playing blues rhythm.

BL-203 • 12 Bar Common Chord Sequence Variations
This lesson covers the main variations on the chord sequence. Makes transcribing lots easier if you know what the most common forms are!!

BL-204 • 12 Bar Riff Variations and Approach chords
Looking at variations (using little finger), sliding into chords, adding them on the and of four, using open strings to link.

BL-205 • Dominant 7th Chord Grips
Looking at the CAGED system 7th chords and variations within each one. Lotsa ways of playing the basic 7th chords keeps it real interesting :)

BL-206 • Blues Chord Extensions
Some of the most common 9th and 13th chord grips that sound cool in blues... maybe a little on the jazzy side, but lots of the older blues cats use them too!

BL-207 • Gospel Slides
Fantastic trick that bring a new depth to your rhythm playing, real sweet movement of a 9th chords that turns into a 6th chords. Kinda sounds complex like that, but it's simple and sounds awesome!

BL-208 • Mini Blues Chord Grips
Often times you'll find that less is more, and that sure is true when looking a t chords, and in this lesson we check out what I call Mini Grips which are small 2 note chords that sound great and keep it simple!

BL-209 • Turnarounds
This lesson looks at a bunch of ways of playing Turnarounds and how to use them.

BL-210 • Creating Blues Riffs
Looking at the classic 6 and 7 arpeggios and making up your own grooves. Real cool fun to play about with these and the backing track is real simple so you can really explore the idea!

BL-211 • Voice Leading Blues (DVD ONLY - BONUS LESSON 1)
Using more complex chords and simple substitutions to create tasty blues voice leading. I tab out two ways of using voice leading in a jazzy blues and explain how to do it! I think this is a great lesson... very useful thing to learn and applies to many styles!!

BL-212 • Minor Blues (DVD ONLY - BONUS LESSON 2)
How to play a minor blues chord sequence and the interesting chords that come to it!

BL-213 • The Bo Diddley Rhythm (DVD ONLY - BONUS LESSON 3)
Bo Diddley is often said to be the bridge from Blues to Rock 'n' Roll and certainly had a huge influence on the early rock 'n' rollers - and his very specific rhythm pattern made it into many hits for the coming generations!!

Blues Lead Guitar Series

In this series I will try and show you the basic skills and licks to enable you to play some blues lead guitar. It is aimed to help some one who has little or no experience with lead guitar, and will help explain all the basics and get them off on the right track to making great improvised blues solos. All 20 lessons are available on the DVD's shown below, makes it a lot easier to pause and they come with all the licks and scales as pdf files! Or you can just learn them from here, free... or you could make a donation if you use them and they really help ;)

After or during this course you will get maximum benefit by using my Really Useful Blues Solos which are designed to get you learning properly - by transcribing blues solos on your own! Learning solos by ear is a little harder but it's the 'real' way to do it an opens up other doors too - check out the info in the Transcribing area if you have not read it already and maybe I'll convince you ;)

BL-010 • 12 Bar Blues in 12 Keys
In this lesson you will learn to play your 12 Bar Blues rhythm shuffle in any key, a really important skill in playing blues.

BL-011 • Blues Lead Guitar #1 - Basics
This lesson introduces my "method" for playing blues lead guitar. It explains my "language" approach and gives you a load of little tips before you get going.

BL-012 • Blues Lead Guitar #2 - Scales
There are three main scales that work over the whole blues progression, the Minor Pentatonic, The Blues Scale and The Dorian Mode. These three are discussed in Position 1.

BL-013 • Blues Lead Guitar #3 - Five Licks
Now it is time to get some licks down - learn some words :) Using Minor Pentatonic Position 1.

BL-014 • Blues Lead Guitar #4 - Bending Skills
Next we look at getting your string bending in tune and check out which notes you can bend in Position 1.

BL-015 • Blues Lead Guitar #5 - Using Licks
Once you get the licks down, you need to start using them! Here are some tips on making the most of what you got!

BL-016 • Blues Lead Guitar #6 - Minor Pentatonic Position 2
Once you play a solo in position 1, you probably want to start moving up the neck.

BL-017 • Blues Lead Guitar #7 - More Blues Licks
As you should now know - you need to learn licks in the scales, not just the scales - so here are five more lick, this time using Minor Pentatonic Position 2.

BL-018 • Blues Lead Guitar #8 - Linking Positions
Once you can play in Position 1 and 2 of the Minor Pentatonic, then you probably should learn how to join them together. In this lesson I'll show you five licks that do just that! And how to use them of course...

BL-019 • Blues Lead Guitar #9 - The Blues Scale
Now we focus a bit more on the blues scale, the blue note (b5) and where it is found in the two positions we have looked at so far. It's fun to use, but you gotta do it right!

BL-020 • Blues Lead Guitar #10 - Intros & Endings
Sometimes called "turnarounds" it is important to know how to start and stop a blues, and how to "turn it around" and play another round of solos!! And you learn to side slide the final chord.

BL-021 • Blues Lead Guitar #11 - Position 3 Scales
In this lesson we check out the various fingering options for the Min Pentatonic and the Blues Scale in Position 3 and which notes can be bent and curled.

BL-022 • Blues Lead Guitar #12 - Position 3 Licks
Once you got the scales down then it's time to look at some licks in Position 3.

BL-023 • Blues Lead Guitar #13 - Position 4 Scales
Now we get up the neck to Position 4 and look again at the Min Pentatonic and the Blues scale and the various ways of using the blue note into the Pentatonic. And the good notes to bend and curl of course...

BL-024 • Blues Lead Guitar #14 - Position 4 Licks
Time for some more licks! This time up in Position 4.

BL-025 • Blues Lead Guitar #15 - Position 5 Scales
Now we are right up the dusty end, or back behind our old friend Position 1. The 12 fret octave rule is also explained. Bending can be fun up here too!

BL-026 • Blues Lead Guitar #16 - Position 5 Licks
Time to get some cool licks in Position 5.

BL-027 • Blues Lead Guitar #17 - Linking Positions
Next we have to negotiate getting between all the positions, there are a few good tricks shown in this lesson and some licks too!

BL-028 • Blues Lead Guitar #18 - The Dorian Approach
I mentioned it back in Lesson 2, now it's time to look at it more and learn how this funny Greek word can make your blues playing more interesting. Two vids in this lesson!

BL-029 • Blues Lead Guitar #19 - Dorian Licks
This lesson gives you a bunch of licks all over the neck using the Dorian approach from last lesson.

BL-030 • Blues Lead Guitar #20 - Putting it all together
This lesson talks about how you might practice all the information covered and where to go from here...


Blues Lick Series - Lick them Monday Blues :)

I've been transcribing a lot for a Blues Solos book, and when I'm transcribing I steal licks for myself, write them down and practice them, work them in... and I realised I had all these great licks written out and you'd probably like them too, so thought I'd share them :)

Learning licks is a very important step in learning Blues Lead, sure you should be transcribing yourself and doing it by ear, but when you start out it can be very helpful to learn some 'words' and start using them... not only will your playing sound better and more interesting, but you will recognise the words when you start transcribing yourself. More advanced players might enjoy them just as a new perspective, I'm picking licks that have something of interest in them.

The first years worth (well 56 weeks) alternate between Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Freddie King, Robben Ford, T-Bone Walker, Eric Clapton, BB King - of course there are many other great Blues artists with great licks and I'll be getting onto them soon, was just this first batch were my personal favourites and I had lots of licks from them all pretty much ready to go!

BL-501 • Blues Lick #1: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-502 • Blues Lick #2: Albert King
BL-503 • Blues Lick #3: Freddie King
BL-504 • Blues Lick #4: T-Bone Walker
BL-505 • Blues Lick #5: Eric Clapton
BL-506 • Blues Lick #6: B. B. King
BL-507 • Blues Lick #7: Robben Ford

BL-508 • Blues Lick #8: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-509 • Blues Lick #9: Albert King
BL-510 • Blues Lick #10: Freddie King
BL-511 • Blues Lick #11: T-Bone Walker
BL-512 • Blues Lick #12: Eric Clapton
BL-513 • Blues Lick #13: B. B. King
BL-514 • Blues Lick #14: Robben Ford

BL-515 • Blues Lick #15: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-516 • Blues Lick #16: Albert King
BL-517 • Blues Lick #17: Freddie King
BL-518 • Blues Lick #18: T-Bone Walker
BL-519 • Blues Lick #19: Eric Clapton
BL-520 • Blues Lick #20: B. B. King
BL-521 • Blues Lick #21: Robben Ford

BL-522 • Blues Lick #22: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-523 • Blues Lick #23: Albert King
BL-524 • Blues Lick #24: Freddie King
BL-525 • Blues Lick #25: T-Bone Walker
BL-526 • Blues Lick #26: Eric Clapton
BL-527 • Blues Lick #27: B.B. King
BL-528 • Blues Lick #28: Robben Ford

BL-529 • Blues Lick #29: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-530 • Blues Lick #30: Albert King
BL-531 • Blues Lick #31: Freddie King
BL-532 • Blues Lick #32: T-Bone Walker
BL-533 • Blues Lick #33: Eric Clapton
BL-534 • Blues Lick #34: B.B. King
BL-535 • Blues Lick #35: Robben Ford

BL-536 • Blues Lick #36: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-537 • Blues Lick #37: Albert King
BL-538 • Blues Lick #38: Freddie King
BL-539 • Blues Lick #39: T-Bone Walker
BL-540 • Blues Lick #40: Eric Clapton
BL-541 • Blues Lick #41: B.B. King
BL-542 • Blues Lick #42: Robben Ford

BL-543 • Blues Lick #43: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-544 • Blues Lick #44: Albert King
BL-545 • Blues Lick #45: Freddie King
BL-546 • Blues Lick #46: T-Bone Walker
BL-547 • Blues Lick #47: Eric Clapton
BL-548 • Blues Lick #48: B.B. King
BL-549 • Blues Lick #49: Robben Ford

BL-550 • Blues Lick #50: Stevie Ray Vaughan


* New Lick every Monday *

Other Blues Lessons (not on the DVD)

Here are some other lessons that may help you with your blues playing. that are not part of the courses above.

BL-102 • Scale Choices For Blues
This is a text lesson that shows you some of the scale choices you have when you are playing a blues.

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