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BS-309 • This Years Love - David Gray

The Beginner's Songbook

When you hold me like you do... 

I love this tune, David Gray is a fantastic writer and for beginner students it's a fun one because it's got a 6:8 feel which will be a nice contrast if you play a lot on 4:4 - and it's not bad if you follow the steps in the lesson and keep it simple to start with!

Have fun :)

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Justinguitar Beginners Songbook

The JustinGuitar Beginner's Songbook (BOOK, yes a proper paper book!!)

100 great songs arranged to sync perfectly with The JustinGuitar Beginners Course. Ten songs for each stage, gradually getting more challenging as you go through. Each song has tips and strumming suggestions and I honestly think this is the best Beginner's Songbook ever :)

The best buy companion to the Beginners Course because you'll have a big selection of songs to learn at each stage of the course, and it's now spiral bound so stays open easy! Rave reviews from all over the world.

Click here to see the full song list, details, sample pages and price.