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CS-000 • Classic Solos Index Lessons on Classic Guitar Solos

Learning stories from the great masters is the best way to expand your vocabulary... and it's loads of fun!

Looking at lead guitar solos of the masters...

As well as this web site being for you, it's also for me to learn too, and one of the things I'm keen to do is get really stuck into some awesome solos! :) And you will find them here...

I'll aim to give a quick run through, and then a deeper look at what is going on in each "lick".

Hint 1
The best way to learn this stuff is for you to transcribe the solos yourself and then check them with my video - yeah it's harder and takes more time, but it's WAY better for your development as a guitar player.

Hint 2
At the very least you should make sure you listen to the solo 10 times through before trying to learn it so that it's in your mind and you know what it's going to sound like!

Hint 3
Make sure you use a slow down program (I use Transcribe!) when you are learning these things, playing with the original recording will help you cop a good time feel and better to be playing it correctly so starting at maybe 60% or something would be a fine idea.

CS-001 • Crossroads - Eric Clapton
This first solo I chose because as well as being a surefire classic solo, it's great for mixing up the major and minor pentatonics which is something I'm often asked about!

CS-002 • Help The Poor - Robben Ford
One of the best modern blues solos ever recorded imho, loads of great licks to steal in this one!

CS-003 • Need Your Love So Bad - Peter Green
Amazing bit of guitar playing this, simple notes, but complex and deep subtle inflections that make this a true masterpiece! 

CS-004 •  Mary Had A Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan (Main Solo)
One of my favourite Texas Blues solos, with an incredible number of great licks to steal!


Many of these songs really need TABs to make sense and as I can't give them away, my plan is to get a Lead Solos Songbook with all the TABs in them, and then I can start ripping out these lessons properly :)