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MA-004 • Pat Martino

The Masterclasses

All time jazz guitar legend... but I missed the interview...

I got all my question prepared and was excited to meet yet another childhood guitar hero, Pat Martino. I pack pack up all my camera gear and leave my studio, walk around to the car park and find my car with the passenger window smashed in, glass everywhere and the contents of the glove compartment spread out on the ground outside. Luckily they got NOTHING, they just gave me a pain in the ass, by not being able to go do the interview with Pat.

Thankfully my good friend Peter Whittard offered to step in and do the interview and Charl Coetzee was on hand to do the filming, so with a big thanks to them, I hope you enjoy this interview with one of Jazz Guitar's all time legends, Pat Martino.

Thanks to Guitar Getaways and The Guitar Institute for organising the clinic and inviting me to participate. 

The Interview (2 parts)





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