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PR-111 • Justin's Beginner Guitar Method (4 DVD Box Set) Products

Could this be the most comprehensive and complete beginners course ever made? I'd like to think so and now you can have it at home on the big screen on this super cool 4 DVD set.

Solo Blues 1

All the videos from Stage 0 (the introduction videos) all the way to Stage 9 are included along with some extra bonus videos and for the first time ever... a bloopers series :) [how did I let Jedi talk me into that??] Also included are the mp3 files for the JUSTIN Method, for you to work on you ear development.

Over 8 Hours of instruction that will keep you busy for many months, with a web site that is being updated and improved all the time to answer every question before you even ask. There is no paperwork included in the course, for the simple reason that I can update the web pages so easily and make improvements without going to the pressing plant! If you want to a hard copy, print from your browser!

Please note that NO SONGS are included on the DVD, you have to watch those on the web site. Sorry, it's because of copyright restrictions...

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Justin's Beginner's Guitar Course DVD

The DVD contains all the videos from the Beginners Course PLUS some cool extras - in total there is over 8 HOURS of quality instruction! Extra's include:

• All the files for the JUSTIN Method as mp3 for you to get on your iPod
• Blooper clips :)
• Some sample lessons from Blues Lead Guitar DVD (to get you started with blues lead)
• Some sample lessons from Master The Major Scale DVD (introduce you to the major scale)
• A play along track from JamBlues for you to work on your blues improvising.
• The track Solo Blues one to get you started on your Solo Blues playing, great for beginners

DVD Chapters

Same as the Beginners Course

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