Hey, how you doing?

The #JustinGuitarHolidays season is officially over today! It was great to spread some Xmas-y vibes around the JustinGuitar community - thank you to all of you. :)

As I said when suggesting this giveaway, the idea was to encourage sharing music and good vibes - and I think y'all did great. We had loads of fun changing Xmas lyrics, playing the Ukulele, and taking out some ugly sweaters from the closet!

And what great guitar players out there, eh! Also, a big thank you to GuitarPro for joining us on this giveaway. Super fun - let's do more!

Let's check out the winners for the Best Video Forum Competition? :)

Best Videos

1. Best Video Forum Competition  & GuitarPro Team Choice Award - Oh! Christmas Tree by AV8RBOY

One winner, TWO categories! AV8RBBOY did great - and both the JustinGuitar Team AND the GuitarPro Team have all unanimously voted for him... 

The whole package is awesome! Musical content, video production, home recording, everything. That's a song about a Xmas tree. Wow. ;)

Prize: BOSS Starter Pedal Board Pack + Guitar Pro 7.5 Full License + Play Guitar Hits (1-month free access) + mySongBook (1-year free access)

2. Best Use of Crazy Guitar Effects - Carol Of The Bells by glpguitar

Glpguitar has thrown some effects into the song for a multi-tracked sonic treat... An awesome creative way of entering the contest! Go check out the post - there's a really cool story behind the scenes!

Prize: Thorpy Gunshot (Distortion Pedal) + Guitar Pro License + Play Guitar Hits (1-month free access) + mySongBook (1-month free access)

3. Born Before 1970 - O Christmas Tree by embishop

Mari's video shows the difficult process of learning to play a fingerstyle piece from scratch! She does it with good humor and grace and is driven by a desire to make music that is to be commended.

Prize: Tone City pedals (Andertons) + Play Guitar Hits (1-month free access) + lesson with Justin

4. Funniest / lockdown-related video - We Wish You A Merry Christmas by adi_mrok

Adi_mrok has been sharing his progress in the forum over the last months, and he has been able to reach this point in his guitar progress in part due to lockdown and the changed circumstances of living.

Prize: Tone City pedals (Andertons) + Guitar Pro 7.5 Full License + Play Guitar Hits (1-month free access) + mySongBook (1-year free access).

5. We got no entries for the Born after 2000 category, but there are 3 AWESOME entries that we'd like to give an honorable mention to... 

Deck the Halls by DavidP

Prize: Guitar Pro 7.5 Full License

Jingle Bells by YoChocola

Prize: Tone City pedals

Jingle Bells by Ex-Calif

Prize: Tone City pedals