So far the virus mess is not effecting me much - I work from home and there are many people out there learning guitar in their quarantine so my business is not suffering at this point - but I know many amazing musicians whose livelihood has been pulled out from under their feet and they need your support!

I figured I should get a list going here of people doing private lessons and other related projects that could use your support - I'm in contact with many of them and going to get a private lesson series up on YouTube where I'm taking lessons with some of these cats :)

This is mostly people I know but if you know a pro musician who needs a hand, then leave a comment below and I'll check out and add as many as I can.

If you're looking to generally help local musicians, this Rolling Stone article is a good read - basically - buying merch is awesome and can make a big difference - obviously buying courses, lessons and anything directly is wicked too - and then you get some personal time with people whose music you dig too - so win-win!


Loads of great musicians have Patreon accounts where you can support theor various projects and now is a great time to lend them your support!

Mike Dawes - Spider fingers is the king of modern acoustic guitar, get all his goodness here!
Quist - maker of super fine backing track (and transcriptions)
Ben Eller - This is why you suck at guitar! Super guitarist and teacher and all-around top dude!
Martin Miller - Superb rock fusion guitarist with incredible chops and does super jams with other top-shelf dudes!
Jim Campilongo - One of my all time favourite players and great teacher - the Telecaster Master!
Mary Spender - Super songwriter and content creator with cool songs, great interviews and fun posts!

Will add more to this soon, these were just people that sprang to mind. I need to get back to parenting!

Top Cats I Know

Simon McBride - Skype lessons (Ireland) & Instrumental Album Project

Simon is an incredible guitar player - rock chops but blues taste - he's gotta be one of the best around and he's doing skype lessons and a solo record. To enquire about his skype lessons please email him at simonmcbridelessons[at] and to click here to check out his solo album project on GoFundMe.

Ariel Posen - Skype Lessons (Canada)

Ariel is one of my favourite artists and I've been lucky enough to have lessons with him at the studio - see them on my site here - but he's lost tours now and doing skype lessons. He really knows his stuff and an expert in slide, songwriting, improvising and tone! He's a top dude too! Email him at arielposen1[at]

Michael Watts (UK, London)

Superb fingerstyle guitarist is now offering Skype lessons, he's got a diverse repertoire and plays with a very clean and precise style, I must book some lessons myself! :) see

Jed Wardley (UK, London)

My great mate Jedi has been doing lessons for years and has loads of experience helping people getting into local open mic nights and developing confidence and repertoire. See his website for more info!

Chris (from the awesome band The Cold Stares, US)

Experienced teacher and frontman of one of my fave current rock bands The Cold Stares is doing lessons on guitar and songwriting. Email him for more info! starestouring[at]


Dudes Who Got In Touch I Don't Personally Know!

Jack Taylor (UK)

Jack wrote me, he teaches at Leeds Arts University and Chester University. Email him at jacktaylorguitarist[at] or see his insta profile @jackietee94.

Dan Bell-Wilding (UK)

Dan sent me an email, he's moved his lesson to skype but lost half his students, more info on his FaceBook page. I frequently misplace the first letters of words, some strange dyslexia?... and I was sure his name was Dan Well-Being which would have been pretty cool ;)