Beginner Guitar Course [CLASSIC]

Welcome to my 'Classic' Beginners Guitar Course :)

As promised, my new Beginner Grade 1 Guitar Lessons series was launched on December 21, 2019.

But for sure that doesn't make this 'classic' course any less effective or useful, it's helped millions of people and it can help you too. But of course, having two courses is going to raise some questions...

What is better about the new course?

I spent over a year looking at comments on this course, in the forum and on my YouTube videos to see where I could make improvements to this course. I decided to break the delivery of new material into smaller chunks, so rather than having 'Stages', the new course has 'Lessons' which are basically more like what you would get in one private lesson than 'Stages' were. I changed the way I teach the G chord, improved the progression for strumming study and put a greater emphasis on songs. Go have a look - it's still free.

If I started on the old course should I stay or swap over?

At this stage I have only filmed Grade 1 of the new course which equates to Stages 1-3 in the classic course - so if you're any further along than that you'll use the classic course. I expect Grade 2 be released in around April 2020. Grade 3 around September - they are a load of work, and I'm currently learning Grade 2 left-handed myself to test it all, so I have some work to do ;) If you only just started, then I'd jump to the new one - if you're further along then use both!

Can I still use my songbooks?

Of course! All the songs are awesome for beginners, I'm essentially just changing the speed of delivery of the lessons - the order or info presented is almost exactly the same - and in the new course, I will specify where to find the appropriate songs for each lesson!

Can I still use the Beginner Song Course App

My Beginner Song Course App is separate to the website courses, but a perfect companion to both. At time of launch, the app has playlists for the old course but not the new one yet - but we're working on it :) 

Wishing you a lot of fun on your guitar journey, whichever path you choose! Good luck!


The White Grade

This first WHITE grade covers the real basics, the 8 essential beginner chords, basic strumming and how to change between chords - usually the biggest hurdle for beginners. The material in this grade is now updated in the new beginner course, if you're new then you might like to check that out!

After the 3 Stages, we have an Essential Skills module which you could check out any time you want - it's stuff that you'll find super helpful on your journey :) You'll probably find my Practical Music Theory course super fun if you're the type who likes to understand what they're doing - it's not essential for beginners but most people seem to really enjoy it!

The Yellow Grade

The Yellow grade has another three "stages" and we're going to be checking out some new chords and some alternative ways to play chords you learned already which will help speed up your chord changes. We'll learn about dominant 7th chords and also you'll tackle The F Chord which is a big step for Beginners.

The Orange Grade

This grade is the end of your beginner course and we'll be learning loads of awesome stuff like Fingerstyle, Power Chords, Suspended Chords, Slash Chords and the basics of improvisation.