Beginner Guitar Lessons (Grade 2)

Are you ready to lift your beginner guitar game? In Grade 2 of my beginner system we learn a whole bunch of new chords; some super cool ones, some super fun ones... and F ;) We're going to learn a load of new strumming patterns and approaches to rhythm and ways to get your playing sounding better in every way. We also get a taste of fingerpicking, Blues and ROCK!


Nitsuj is soldering on through Grade 2 now and his progress is helping Justin make the course as good as it can be. It does mean sometimes that he does slightly different things than suggested in your course, because he's the guinea pig who tests this stuff first :) Hi dropped off at the end and never did Lesson 14, just got too busy with everything else. But maybe he'll revisit it later!


Please remember that these lessons are 'free' but supported by your donations, so if you are digging them, please consider making a donation!


Nitsuj Returns

Nitsuj, my left-handed counterpart, is back to tackle Grade 2 of my Beginner’s Course - because of all the virus stuff - things are taking a bit longer and he's finding it harder to make time to practice - so the lessons are likely to be 3 weeks apart - but more time fo you to practice! :)