Intermediate Foundation (Grade 5)

Carrying on from Grade 4 with intermediate foundation lessons - now we check out the A Shape Barre Grips!

These are due to be updated in 2021! :)

Intermediate Foundation 3

The main goal of Foundation 3 is to get the A Shape Barre chord sorted out. But we also develop the Major Scale a bit with a couple of great ways to break out of the box. We're looking at some more technique work with string muting and in the routines, you will keep developing skills and techniques we've looked at already!

Intermediate Foundation 4

Now we're going to finish off looking at the A Shape Grips we need and check out some cool blues tricks, the blues scale and making up cool blues bass lines (that you can use in many styles and for lead playing too!). We're also going to be looking at some more technique builders and adding percussion to your rhythm playing! Lot to do again in this module!

Intermediate Foundation 5

Few more important skills to learn before you are set free on the Style Modules :) We're going to be learning to play triads all over the neck, the Major Pentatonic Scale and how to play and use hammer-ons and flick-offs. We're going to playing spreads, splangs and chips in rhythm guitar and learning how to play Picked Fingerstyle. Then the usual suspects, transcribing and JUSTIN Method exercises, more song and a solid practice routine :).

Intermediate Foundation (Grade 5)

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