Practical, Fast & Fun Music Theory

Music Theory with me is fun, fast & rewarding!

Like most people, my first encounter with music theory was at school and it was complicated, boring, pointless and frustrating - not because it is - because the teachers back then made it seem that way (I'm hoping these days that's improved!).

In the last 25 years music theory has become a real passion of mine and I teach it how it should be taught - using practical examples and explaining "the why” so you get a deep understanding the reason you should put a little effort into it - and I won’t lie - it will take some time and effort but I can assure you it is worth it and I’ll make it as easy and fun as it can be!

• 141 Lessons total - over 12 Hours of video lessons! •

Nine reasons you should invest in this course

• You'll understand what you're playing!
Almost everyone I've met that have not studied theory wishes they had - they say they were scared it would be too difficult or time-consuming - this is the course they should have tried and they would have got the basics down quickly and easily and enjoyed putting it to practical use!

• Over 120 lessons
Nearly all lessons have video and many have PDF files and some have audio downloads or Guitar Pro files as well. And I'm working on a bunch more fun practical example studies to help you have fun with the new things you learn!

• A clear path to understanding
This course is well structured and laid out in easy bite-sized chunks to digest at your own pace! You'll see your progress and get that awesome feeling of accomplishment as you progress up the grades!

• Designed for online learning
Unlike traditional books and courses, my theory course takes advantage of all the internet has to offer and I use my 15 years of online teaching experience to make this the best theory course for online study!

• Get help along the way
At the bottom of every lesson is a comments section where you can ask any questions you have and I do my best to check in often and answer as many questions as I can - and other students often chip in with advice too.

• Test yourself at every stage
There is a test for you to take at the end of each grade to make sure you understand every element and if you get something wrong you should go back and revise it and make sure you build consistently on solid knowledge!

• The course is regularly updated and improved
The reason I've opted for a subscription this time around is that I want to grow this thing into an incredible theory resource and a subscription model means I can keep adding to it and updating regularly (see this PMT Update page where you can also see what I'm working on!). This is the biggest benefit over traditional books and courses. If I see people struggling I make a lesson to make sure nobody else has the same problem!

• My two old eBooks are included
Both my classic ebooks Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction Guide are included in your subscription and you can download them both (they used to sell for over $27!) at the start of Grade 3! This new improved website version is way better, but the ebooks have been very popular for over 15 years and are not less effective, just superseded! :)

• Get started for FREE!
Grades 0, 1 and 2 are completely free and will get you started on the very basics and give you a feel for the style of the lessons! We start with basic but very important concepts but by Grade 3 we start really fun exercises and exploring keys and how improvising with the major scale - stuff that will make you better very quickly and deepen your understanding of how music works!

And it’s super discounted and risk free!

Access to the whole course is only $9.99 (USD) for 6 months (subscription) or lifetime access for $99.  Inline with my ethos, if you really genuinely can’t afford it then please email assist[at] and explain your circumstance and I'll sort it out (make sure you're registered on the site first please!). Also, if you subscribe and the subscription repeats and you are no longer using the course or are no longer interested, then email me and I’ll sort you a refund. I want people happy to be learning and having fun :) 

The subscription rate was scheduled to go up to 9.99 for 3 months (lifetime access will stay the same price and rates won't go up for people who sign up before I make the change) but I'm holding off until all this virus mess is over - trying to keep the course as affordable as I can!

Music Theory 3

So far - in Grades 1 and 2 - we’ve been looking at the very basics. In Grade 3 we’re going to get into some serious theory! The focus in this grade is mainly on the Ma...


16 lessons

Music Theory 4.1 Chord Study

Grade 4 is the start of the Intermediate Level, and we’ll get into some really cool things now. The biggest deal will be understanding the relationship between chords ...


11 lessons

Music Theory 4.2 Keys

In this module we explore how and why there are chords in keys and how it all works. Learning about this was a real game changer for me and unlocked a lot of the my...


8 lessons

Music Theory 4.3 Note Study

This module is about getting to know your fretboard better - learning the notes is essential if you want to get serious about the instrument, and very helpful even if ...


8 lessons

Music Theory 5.1 Intervals

There’s some fascinating areas to explore in Grade 5! We’ll start by learning about intervals; what they are, how to name them and how they will help your musical deve...


8 lessons

Music Theory 5.2 Chord Study

Quadads is my name for Four Note Chords, we have Triads for 3 note chords so why not Quadads for Four Note Chords? We look at what they are, how they're built, how the...


14 lessons

Music Theory 5.3 Scale Study

In this part of Grade 5 we explore Pentatonic Scales, Minor Scales and more :)


13 lessons

Music Theory 5.4 Analysis

Understanding what you play is a pretty big deal and so in the brand new module, I'm going to do my best to explain how and why it's useful and important and give some...


8 lessons

Music Theory 6.1 Chord Study

This part of the journey will take some brain power and bit of grit, so it’s worth understanding the many benefits of this path before you get started! This Grade cont...


17 lessons

Music Theory 7.1 Chord Study

Once you feel confident working with the E and A Shape Chords we can start exploring the other shapes and more advanced chords. The things you (should have) learned in...


17 lessons

Music Theory 7.2 Major Scale Modes

This series was in the main part of the website but I want to film video for it all... then i was thinking about selling it as it's own product but then I thought... h...


15 lessons

Practical, Fast & Fun Music Theory

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