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Learning Music Theory is easy, rewarding and fun!

Seriously!! :) Like most people, I thought music theory would be hard work, complicated and boring and it seemed that way when I first started learning it myself! It's taken years of personal study and teaching to figure out how to explain it in a way that was exciting and practical for regular guitar players, but here it is!

Even if you know some theory already I would suggest you start right at the beginning and work your way through and make sure that your foundation is super solid!

Get started free... 

Grades 0, 1 and 2 are completely free and will get you started on the very basics and give you a feel for the style of the lessons! We start with basic but very important concepts but by Grade 3 we start really fun exercises and exploring keys and how improvising with the major scale - stuff that will make you better very quickly and deepen your understanding of how music works!

This super upgraded and expanded version is $9.99 (USD) for 6 months (or lifetime access for $99) and it contains all the content from my old ebooks Practical Music Theory and the sequel, Chord Construction Guide and lots, LOTS more! I've taken all the feedback over the last 10 years and made it into this course which I hope is the best theory course for guitarists ever.

Note that the original ebooks of Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction Guide are included in your subscription and you can download them both (they used to sell for over $27!) at the start of Grade 3! The website version is better, but the ebooks have been very popular for many years and are not less effective, just superseded! :)

I'm real proud of it already but there is more great stuff to come. The reason I've opted for a subscription this time around is that I want to grow this thing into an incredible theory resource and a subscription model means I can keep adding to it and updating regularly (see this PMT Update page where you can also see what I'm working on!). I think most theory stuff is easiest to learn by reading and writing, but I know many people like the video lessons - right now there are videos up to Grade 5, but I'm on it and will get the rest done asap... there will be video for most (but not all) lessons and I'm looking at adding more pdfs and even some example 'study' compositions to put things into practice! There are even plans to add interactive elements in the future - it's already great but it's going to be incredible - and it's the subscription model that allows me to continue developing and improving it!

Music Theory Grade 3

So far - in Grades 1 and 2 - we’ve been looking at the very basics. In Grade 3 we’re going to get into some serious theory! The focus in this grade is mainly on the Ma...


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Music Theory Grade 4.1 Chord Study

Grade 4 is the start of the Intermediate Level, and we’ll get into some really cool things now. The biggest deal will be understanding the relationship between chords ...


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Music Theory Grade 4.2 Keys

In this module we explore how and why there are chords in keys and how it all works. Learning about this was a real game changer for me and unlocked a lot of the my...


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Music Theory Grade 4.3 Note Study

This module is about getting to know your fretboard better - learning the notes is essential if you want to get serious about the instrument, and very helpful even if ...


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Music Theory Grade 5.1 Intervals

There’s some fascinating areas to explore in Grade 5! We’ll start by learning about intervals; what they are, how to name them and how they will help your musical deve...


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Music Theory Grade 5.2 Chord Study

Quadads is my name for Four Note Chords, we have Triads for 3 note chords so why not Quadads for Four Note Chords? We look at what hey are, how they're built, how the ...


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Music Theory Grade 5.3 Scale Study

In this part of Grade 5 we explore Pentatonic Scales, Minor Scales and more :)


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Music Theory Grade 5.4 Analysis

Understanding what you play is a pretty big deal and so in the brand new module, I'm going to do my best to explain how and why it's useful and important and give some...


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Music Theory Grade 6.1 Chord Study

This part of the journey will take some brain power and bit of grit, so it’s worth understanding the many benefits of this path before you get started! This Grade cont...


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ID: MT61

Practical Music Theory

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