Transcribing is the art of working out songs by ear. Much better than using TAB because it develops far more skills, makes you use your ears and knowledge! If you think about it, music is all about listening, right? Doesn't it make sense that the best way to learn it is by listening too?

The actual term transcribe means to write it down (the scribe part of the word), and although this also has many benefits, the main thing you should aim to get down here is the working out the songs by ear, the writing down part is just useful if you forget it later!

If there was one skill that I think many people miss it is this. And it's such an important skill.

Learning to transcribe WILL transform your playing and get you more in touch with the guitar and help you tap into the music that lives inside you!

I highly recommend the Transcribe! software, it's what I use and makes the whole process simpler and easier - but it's not cheating or doing the work for you - but a really useful tool.