How best to get in touch depends on what you need :) The team is small but it's important you email the right person (or you waste your time and theirs) so please read carefully and email the right person! I'm real crazy busy and have embarrassingly managed to amass over a thousand unread emails, so for quick things you'll often get a quicker response on social media.

The Official Store (Books, T-Shirts etc.), Apps and stuff...

See the Customer Service page for info on who to contact and get the best help (it won't be me!).

If you need to cancel a donation or subscription to Music Theory, please see the DONATIONS or PURCHASES tab of your dashboard (when you're logged in) or use this cancellation link.

Social Media

You'll find links to my socials at the top of every page of the website and in the footer :)

Facebook: I check in on Facebook most days and while I can't answer every question, I do try!

Twitter: Again I check Twitter most days and like it for the fact that questions and answers are both short :) a good place to get in touch!

YouTube (Lessons): When I release a new video I check comments for a few hours and sometimes check in on older vids, but there are just so many comments that I can't possibly respond to them all!

YouTube (Songs): As above!

Instagram: I'm trying to get going on Instagram but I don't check in as often as other media, but likely you'll get a response when I do because it's a bit quieter!

Post (snail mail)

I actually quite like getting letters, but please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope if you want a reply! Please note that this is not where I live, or my studio it's just a post office box!

If you want to send me a product to test out, please contact me first (if customs duty will be due, then you'll be expected to cover it before posting!). Just sending me something does not mean that I'll review it, post about it or anything else and if you expect anything returned that cost will be on you too.

PO Box 695

Email Me

Hope the notes below don't make me sound like a snob or like I don't want to speak to you all - I would love to give everyone a private lesson and chat for hours about amps and picks and what finger Clapton uses to... but I just don't have time. Sorry. So please read the notes below before you email me... thanks. :)

Please DO email me if you are:

• you want to say hi! :)
• a journalist needing information, pictures or interview (please put JOURNALIST first in the subject following by a brief outline)
• an industry person wishing to do business (please put INDUSTRY first in the subject following by a brief outline)
• if you run a website and are requesting a link to your site (please put LINK first in the subject following by a brief outline) 
• you have a website correction (please use the "report a problem" button so the right person will see it!)

Please DO NOT email me:

• if you need personal help with a lesson on the site or on YouTube. I have set up a forum community for that, ask me there, please. please. please. please. pretty please.
• with song or lesson requests - I have set up a forum community for that too!
• mp3 or video - I won't watch it. But by all means send me a link to your SoundCloud or YouTube and I will watch it there when I get time :) but again, that's better in the forum community where get feedback from other students too!
• to ask what guitar you should buy - I don't know (only you can decide that!).
• to ask me to send you tabs, I can't. sorry.

OK, so please click here if you have read the above and my email will magically appear. :)