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'In the flesh' teachers that I know are good!

This is a list of teachers that I know and respect and that I am confident to recommend as good teachers. I'm sorry I don't have that many on the list, but I really want to avoid just making this a big list of teachers that I don't really know. There are plenty of other sites around for that.

Please tell them that you got their details from this site if you book with them - maybe they'll get the beers in next time I am out with them ;)

Please don't email me to ask if I know of teachers in other places, if I know someone then I will add them to this list. If you think you should be on this list as a teacher - then contact me and tell me why! :)

UK Guitar Teachers

Dario Cortese (Kilburn, North West London)
A mind blowing guitarist, and great teacher. He is the guy I call when I need to know something. Knows just about everything about everything. And he is a great guy too, a good friend. He's head of Guitar at The Guitar Institute, writes for all the big UK magazines and does loads of sessions. A world class guitarist. Dario teaches his private lessons at The Guitar Institute in Kilburn, so call them to book. £35 for 50 minute lesson.
Phone The Guitar Institute on 020 7328 0222

Martin Goulding (Acton, West London)
Martin is a modern rock specialist. Man he has some serious technique going on. I go see Martin when I need to remember how sloppy my technique is ;) He's a very well organised teacher too, with great routines and knows how to get results. If you wanna play rock or metal, go see him. He teaches at The Guitar Institute and writes for all the magazines too! £35 per hour.
Email or Phone 07910 895 266

Max Milligan (Bedford)
Max is a teacher I met at The Guitar Institute. He is an awesome fingerstyle guitarist and he runs courses as well as doing private lessons. Does wonderful acoustic arrangements of stuff too - but can teach many styles... Prices vary depending on what you want to do.
Email or Phone 01234 838880 or see his web site

Key To Music (London)
Key 2 Music who are friends of mine and offer a good service for the younger learner, a solid practical approach! They specialise in children's lessons and performance classes. They do lessons at your home or at the teachers studio and have a range of teachers on their books (some of them are old students of mine!) Tell Diana I sent you :) 
Email or Phone 07932 725025 or see the web site

Dave Burnie (Ealing, West London)
Dave is a great guitar player and teacher. He took over the Bryon role in The Counterfeit Stones and also most of my teaching work when I left to tour with Katie. I have heard lots of glowing comments from my students that went on to study with him. He teaches at The Guitar institute and at Wellington College. Dave teaches his private lessons at The Guitar Institute in Kilburn, so call them to book. £32 for 50 minute lesson.
Phone The Guitar Institute on 020 7328 0222

Phil Hilborne (Chelmsford, Essex, UK)
Phil is a legendary teacher, with over 30 years teaching experience and teaching some big names as well as being editor for many of the UK's leading magazines and co-starred the Guitar Techniques mag - as well as serious cool tours too - Uli Jon Roth, Frank Gambale, John Entwhistle, Dave Murray, Mo Foster, Vinnie Moore, Rob Harris, Neil Murray and tons more! For the past 7 years he has regularly played in London's We Will Rock You (about 100-125 shows per year) and edits all the guitar music that Queen publish as well. He is a great teacher for more advanced students, and does not take beginners. £75 per hour. Contact details on the web site.

Jason Sidwell (Bath Area)
Jason is an awesome guitarist and I am sure many of you know him as the editor for all the best guitar mags in the UK! Jason charges £40 per hour and prefers students that have been playing a few years at least.
Phone 01225 442244 ext. 2108 or email

Australia Guitar Teachers

Pete Thompson (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
Pete taught me guitar when I first started out and I catch up with him when I go back to Tassie. He is a great teacher, and awesome bluesy slide player and really knows how to get people going when they start out. I'm not sure how much he charges (forgot to ask) but it's only a phone call to find out! He runs Southern Music which teaches other instruments and has other teachers too!
Phone 0362 31 1466 or pop by at 206 Elizabeth St. Hobart

Rest Of The World Guitar Teachers

Lawrence Farmer (Berne, Switzerland)
Lawrence studied at The Guitar Institute with me in 1996, and is a great guy and tasty player. I never had a lesson with him, but I know from his patient personality that he would be a cool teacher. Rate is 60 swiss francs for a 45 minute lesson.
Email or Phone 079 702 3137

UK Teachers (instruments other than guitar...)

Justin Scott (Acton, West London, Drums)
One of my best mates and fantastic drum teacher. Head Of Drums at The Drum Institute, writer for many of drumming magazines and a Berklee graduate. Seriously great teacher, wanna play drums, start here. £35 per hour. We runs
Email or Phone 07966 142 467

Dave Marks (Acton, West London, Bass Guitar and Guitar)
Another one of my good mates, Dave is a seriously kick ass bass player, and a well solid guitar player (and plays drums too). He teaches at The Bass Institute and can play just about every style really well, and can blow that real complex fusion stuff too. Proper good teacher and well as an awesome player, pretty rare combo that... £30 per hour. 
Email or Phone 07974 211 714 or see web site