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Notes For Translators

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Help for you lovely people that are helping us with the translations!

Once you have joined Amara and are a part of the team, take a look at the notes below on how to use Amara, how to best notate what is said in the videos and how to troubleshoot common issues.
We'll keep adding to this page as we get more familiar with the new system :) 

Please keep an eye on these notes, so we can keep the subtitles as readable and uniform as possible.

If you have any issues, comments or feedback pop Indigo an email me to translate [at]
Indigo is helping with the video translations! It may take some time to get back to you, but we'll get there!!


A) Use the 'Save and Exit' link. 

When leaving a task mid-way, (if you move away from your computer for a break or to come back another time) 
PLEASE make sure to use the 'Save and Exit' link. 
Your task should then be waiting for you in your 'My Tasks' area. 
Else you may experience difficulty getting back in to complete this same task.

B) Comments in English Please!

When possible, please leave comments on videos in English. 
It's just a lot easier for us to keep a track of what's being said, 
and pick up on any comments that need feedback.  Thank you.

C) Notating Guitar Playing
If justin is playing guitar create a new separate subtitle with just
. . .    (no quotation marks, no brackets and WITH a space between each full stop)

If it's a couple of strums whilst Justin's talking it's
not necessary to notate that he's playing music. 
Please DO NOT put ... in the middle of another subtitle!
If you think it's necessary to notate Justin playing but it doesn't quite warrant a separate 
subtitle of it's own, then use (plays) in the middle of the text where appropriate.

D) All subtitles should be either 1 or 2 lines

PLEASE do not allow subtitles to extend past 2 lines, 

 Start a new subtitle when appropriate
Shift + Enter allows you to continue on the next line!
As much as possible break lines using shift+enter, 
or create a new subtitle where appropriate. 
So at a pause, where there is a comma or full stop etc.
For an example please see below:

Instead of:
Now as usual, we're going to go through and we're going to pick 
them one at a time. So we're going to

do: strum, pick out each note individually and strum.

Now as usual,
we're going to go through

and we're going to pick them one at a time.

So we're going to do :
strum, pick out each note individually and strum.

Some examples of well transcribed videos:
BC-123 :
BC-126 :

'dphoebes' put this so well in one of his comments I'm just going to repeat what he said:

" Try to make your subtitles shorter and to split them more often. 
The first reason for this is that's easier to read two short lines than one long (you can read them faster). 
And the second reason, is that when we have to translate it (in French, for example), 
French subtitles are longer and it's difficult to keep them two-lines-long. 
So, overuse the Shift+Entry combination ;-) "

 Notating Counting
When justin is counting, or saying the notes whilst playing, 
Please start a new subtitle when appropriate. 
For an example please see:
video BC-171:
at 1.00 to 2.38

And video BC-166:
at 3.34 to 3.54

G) Kinda, Gonna, Wanna, Uhms and Ahas etc.
When Justin says Kinda - please transcribe to Kind of.

If he uses 'kinda', a lot, and you feel it's unnecessary to add in, then you may remove it in the transcription.

Please use 'Going to' or 'Want to', as it is easier for translators to translate.

Uhms and Ahas can be omitted if there is too many. Please use your discretion.

H) Errors!
If Justin makes an error in what he is saying. such as "It's the 6th chord that ... 6th note, sorry, that" or "And it's ... they're".
You may ignore the error if you feel it's the right thing to do. The most important thing is that the subtitles are 
a) Easy to read and understand 
b) Easy to translate 
c) That the general tone of Justin's teaching style comes across. 
Sometimes it may be necessary to notate the error as it may be a long sentence and when someone is following the subtitles it will be confusing for them to see so much going on in the video that is not being explained in the subtitles! Again please use your discretion!

I) A Note For Reviewers !!!

Reviewing transcriptions is a really important part of the process as all translations 
will be based on this transcription and it's the last place to improve on the work already done in the original.
So when reviewing, please focus on correcting the following:

1. Any misheard words are corrected. (really important)!
2. Subtitles read well (make sure the video adheres to the guidelines above under "C) Guidelines when subtitling"  
3. Timing of subtitles is correct.

J) The Process

Once you get familiar with using the system it may be helpful 
to know the process each video goes through on Amara. I've detailed the process below:

1. Video is transcribed into English subtitles by a member.
2. English transcription is reviewed by a second member.
3. English transcription is approved by me (Indigo!) 
4. Translation tasks are created (this happens automatically).
5. Subtitles are translated by a member.
6. Translation is reviewed by a second member.
7. Translation is approved by me (Indigo!) 


Guitar Terms Glossary

We have started to put together a glossary of guitar terms along side their translations to help with the translations of the JustinGuitar site and videos.

You can see the Guitar Terms Glossary here: AA-032-InternationalGuitarTermsGlossary



Q: I've finished subtitling a video but it won't go out of my tasks list and into the review stage.
A: You might be translating a video directly from the video into another language.
In this case you're subtitles will not go on to to be reviewed until the English subtitles have been completed by the team.

Q: I've finished translating a video but it says it's only 99% complete!
A: Translated subtitles will not show as complete, or go out of your tasks tray until the English subtitles have been completed by the team. This means the English subtitles need to have been transcribed, reviewed and approved by the mangers or myself. Please don't worry! as soon as the English subtitles for the video have been approved, your translation will move on to the review stage.

Q: The English transcription could be improved, how do I do this?
This should be left to Amara Managers, if there's a big problem with an English transcription, please let me know in an email.

Q: I made a mistake and I can't go back and change it?
Unfortunately if you've translated or transcribed a video, and the the task has gone out of your tasks tray or been marked complete, there isn't a way to send the task back to you. This is because the video has passed on to the review stage. and you cannot review a video you have translated or transcribed. 
You can leave a comment for the reviewer in the comments area of that video so that they can make sure to pick up on the error :) 

Q: I can't see my subtitles on YouTube yet?!
Subtitles need to be reviewed by a peer on the team then approved and, currently, manually uploaded to YouTube, so it takes a while to process!! However soon we will be able to auto-upload subtitles to YouTube as soon as they are approved meaning you'll see your work up there a lot quicker!


Translators Forum

You can discuss translations in your own language, 
in the translation forum on  Justinguitar website here: