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Song References For Interval Training Aural Training

Using Song References is the key to unlock ear training. It makes it very simple and helps people learn faster, which in turn develops confidence which is inspiring and becomes self perpetuating.. Awesome.

The melodic elements of these songs are what you should use to learn the intervals. Some are a bit obscure - sorry but I have tried to pick the most well know tracks I could find but some are pretty rare and don't have many songs with those intervals. The first song listed is the one that I use, but feel free to make up your own - you don't have to use these songs, but they make a good starting point if you can't think of a tune yourself.

It's VERY important that the songs you choose as references for each interval are songs you know very well. If there is a song you don't know so well, listen to it on repeat for a few hours and work it into your ears.


Ascending Intervals

Name Short Song Reference
Unison U

It's the same note!
One Note Samba (Jazz standard)

Minor 2nd b2

Jaws Theme (dah -dum)
Isn't She Lovely (Steve Wonder) 
Pink Panther Theme Tune

Major 2nd 2

Happy Birthday
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Silent Night 

Minor 3rd b3

Greens leaves
Axel F (The annoying frog thing)
First two notes of Smoke On The Water riff

Major 3rd 3

Oh When The Saints Go Marching In
Blue Danube

Perfect 4th 4

Here Comes The Bride (Wedding March)
Auld Lang Sine
Amazing Grace 

Diminished 5th
Augmented 4th


The Simps on's Theme Tune ("the simp-sons")
Maria (from the musical)

Perfect 5th 5

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Star Wars Theme Song
One (Metallica) intro riff

Minor 6th b6

Black Orpheus (Jazz Standard)
The Entertainer (3rd and 4th notes)
Without Me (Eminem) - chorus riff

Major 6th 6

My Way - And now... the end is near
Hush Little Baby (nursery rhyme, first two notes) 
Angels (Robbie Williams) I sit and wait 

Minor 7th b7

Star Trek Theme Tune
Somewhere (from West Side Story)

Major 7th 7

Take On Me (A-Ha)
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) Vocal riff goes root, octave and then down to the Major 7th.
Some-where Over The Rainbow (first and 3rd melody notes)

Octave 8ve

Some-where Over The Rainbow



Descending Intervals

Name Short Song Reference
Unison U It's the same note!
One Note Samba (Jazz standard)

Minor 2nd b2 Beethoven's 'Fur Elise'

Major 2nd 2 Yesterday
My Sharona (main hook)

Minor 3rd b3 Hey Jude
Misty (Jazz Standard)

Major 3rd 3 Summertime (Jazz Standard)

Perfect 4th 4 Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Diminished 5th
Augmented 4th

b5 First two notes from the Primus song "John The Fisherman"
YYZ - Rush (the intro riff)

Perfect 5th 5 Perfect Cadence (final classical ending)
Flintstone's Theme Song
Superman Theme 

Minor 6th b6 Hey Joe - bass riff at the end

Major 6th 6 Hey-Girl Don't Bother Me
Body and Soul (Jazz Standard)
Crazy (Country Standard)

Minor 7th b7 Watermelon Man (Jazz Standard)
Take The A-Train (melody jump in Bar 3)
Major 7th 7 ???

Octave 8ve Willow Weep For Me (Jazz Standard)

Lesson ID: AU-002