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Blues Lead Guitar - Part 2

The Blues Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play Blues Lead Guitar in this free 10 lesson course by Justin Sandercoe

This Blues Lead Guitar Course will be updated very soon (mid 2016!) - it's all been revised with an improved lesson structure and fits the rest of the courses better. It'll be in HD with high quality audio too. I've left these here for now, but will be replaced when the new revised series start!

In Part 2 we expand and continue building on the vocabulary and skills you have, learning the remaining 3 Patterns, licks in each one and more on how to link them all together and make music with them!

BL-021 • Blues Lead Guitar #11 - Position 3 Scales
In this lesson we check out the various fingering options for the Min Pentatonic and the Blues Scale in Position 3 and which notes can be bent and curled.

BL-022 • Blues Lead Guitar #12 - Position 3 Licks
Once you got the scales down then it's time to look at some licks in Position 3.

BL-023 • Blues Lead Guitar #13 - Position 4 Scales
Now we get up the neck to Position 4 and look again at the Min Pentatonic and the Blues scale and the various ways of using the blue note into the Pentatonic. And the good notes to bend and curl of course...

BL-024 • Blues Lead Guitar #14 - Position 4 Licks
Time for some more licks! This time up in Position 4.

BL-025 • Blues Lead Guitar #15 - Position 5 Scales
Now we are right up the dusty end, or back behind our old friend Position 1. The 12 fret octave rule is also explained. Bending can be fun up here too!

BL-026 • Blues Lead Guitar #16 - Position 5 Licks
Time to get some cool licks in Position 5.

BL-027 • Blues Lead Guitar #17 - Linking Positions
Next we have to negotiate getting between all the positions, there are a few good tricks shown in this lesson and some licks too!

BL-028 • Blues Lead Guitar #18 - The Dorian Approach
I mentioned it back in Lesson 2, now it's time to look at it more and learn how this funny Greek word can make your blues playing more interesting. Two vids in this lesson!

BL-029 • Blues Lead Guitar #19 - Dorian Licks
This lesson gives you a bunch of licks all over the neck using the Dorian approach from last lesson.

BL-030 • Blues Lead Guitar #20 - Putting it all together
This lesson talks about how you might practice all the information covered and where to go from here...


Blues Lead Guitar DVD

Really Useful Blues Solos [eBook and mp3]
Learn Blues Lead the 'authentic' way by transcribing! In this collection of mp3 and pdf files you get 5 solos in the styles of great blues guitarists that you should transcribe yourself and then check against the tramnscriptions included to see where you went wrong. This course will give you the confidence to reach out on your own and start transcribing any solos you dig!

Really Useful Blues Solos
Instant Digital Download

Blues Lead Guitar DVD

Blues Lead Guitar Solos [BOOK]
This is a book of blues solo transcriptions with help from me on how to play them! The big problem with normal TAB books is that you're kind of on your own to figure it out, but here I help you through the trciky bits and give you insigts into what is actually going on!

Blues Lead Guitar Solos [BOOK]
Available now in The Justinguitar Store - we ship worldwide!

Blues Lead Guitar DVD

Jam Blues 2 [MP3]
This collection of 10 blues backing tracks is perfect for putting your new blues licks into practice! With real drums, bass by my buddy dave Marks and me on Rhythm Guitar, you can't go wrong :) and playing with a real band is more inspiring than many of the midi backing you'll stumble on while looking online!

Jam Blues 2 [MP3]
Instant Digital Download




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