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Blues Guitar Licks Series Index Page

The Blues Guitar Lessons

On this page are 56 awesome Blues Licks in the styles of BB King, Albert King, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford, Eric Clapton and T-Bone Walker. Build Your vocabulary here!

I've been transcribing a lot for my Blues Lead Guitar Solos book, and when I'm transcribing I steal licks for myself, write them down and practice them, work them in... and I realized I had all these great licks written out and you'd probably like them too, so thought I'd share them :)

Learning licks is a very important step in learning Blues Lead Guitar, sure you should be transcribing yourself and doing it by ear, but when you start out it can be very helpful to learn some 'words' and start using them... not only will your playing sound better and more interesting, but you will recognize the words when you start transcribing yourself. More advanced players might enjoy them just as a new perspective, I'm picking licks that have something of interest in them.

They alternate between Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Freddie King, Robben Ford, T-Bone Walker, Eric Clapton, BB King - of course there are many other great Blues artists with great licks and I'll be getting onto them soon, was just this first batch were my personal favorites and I had lots of licks from them all pretty much ready to go!

BL-501 • Blues Lick #01: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-502 • Blues Lick #02: Albert King
BL-503 • Blues Lick #03: Freddie King
BL-504 • Blues Lick #04: T-Bone Walker
BL-505 • Blues Lick #05: Eric Clapton
BL-506 • Blues Lick #06: B. B. King
BL-507 • Blues Lick #07: Robben Ford

BL-508 • Blues Lick #08: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-509 • Blues Lick #09: Albert King
BL-510 • Blues Lick #10: Freddie King
BL-511 • Blues Lick #11: T-Bone Walker
BL-512 • Blues Lick #12: Eric Clapton
BL-513 • Blues Lick #13: B. B. King
BL-514 • Blues Lick #14: Robben Ford

BL-515 • Blues Lick #15: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-516 • Blues Lick #16: Albert King
BL-517 • Blues Lick #17: Freddie King
BL-518 • Blues Lick #18: T-Bone Walker
BL-519 • Blues Lick #19: Eric Clapton
BL-520 • Blues Lick #20: B. B. King
BL-521 • Blues Lick #21: Robben Ford

BL-522 • Blues Lick #22: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-523 • Blues Lick #23: Albert King
BL-524 • Blues Lick #24: Freddie King
BL-525 • Blues Lick #25: T-Bone Walker
BL-526 • Blues Lick #26: Eric Clapton
BL-527 • Blues Lick #27: B.B. King
BL-528 • Blues Lick #28: Robben Ford

BL-529 • Blues Lick #29: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-530 • Blues Lick #30: Albert King
BL-531 • Blues Lick #31: Freddie King
BL-532 • Blues Lick #32: T-Bone Walker
BL-533 • Blues Lick #33: Eric Clapton
BL-534 • Blues Lick #34: B.B. King
BL-535 • Blues Lick #35: Robben Ford

BL-536 • Blues Lick #36: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-537 • Blues Lick #37: Albert King
BL-538 • Blues Lick #38: Freddie King
BL-539 • Blues Lick #39: T-Bone Walker
BL-540 • Blues Lick #40: Eric Clapton
BL-541 • Blues Lick #41: B.B. King
BL-542 • Blues Lick #42: Robben Ford

BL-543 • Blues Lick #43: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-544 • Blues Lick #44: Albert King
BL-545 • Blues Lick #45: Freddie King
BL-546 • Blues Lick #46: T-Bone Walker
BL-547 • Blues Lick #47: Eric Clapton
BL-548 • Blues Lick #48: B.B. King
BL-549 • Blues Lick #49: Robben Ford

BL-550 • Blues Lick #50: Stevie Ray Vaughan
BL-551 • Blues Lick #51: Albert King
BL-552 • Blues Lick #52: Freddie King
BL-553 • Blues Lick #53: T-Bone Walker
BL-554 • Blues Lick #54: Eric Clapton
BL-555 • Blues Lick #55: B.B. King
BL-556 • Blues Lick #56: Robben Ford