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Guitar Pedal Info and Shops Links Index

Lots of people ask about where I look for gear and boutique or vintage pedals, so I am making a little list, as much for me as you :) A quick reference guide for all my favourite shops that sell old pedals...

Pedal Manufacturers

I use more of these pedals than any other, the Sun Face fuzz is incredible, the King of Tone is for my money the best distortion pedal going and I also love the Bi-Chorus too. Awesome stuff.

Pete Cornish
As used by many of the guitar gods (Gilmore, Page etc.). Very Expensive, but my do they sound amazing, I have just one but it's proper nice.

Robert Keeley
The modifier of pedals and maker of sweet sounds. Love his work, the compressor is a classic!

The makers of the Zen Drive pedal. One of my all time favourites.

Love these pedals. Old ones are my fave, but they are all cool ;)

Makers of The Wah Bypass pedal and other cool effects.

Makers of amazing boutique pedals :) the RMC3 Wah is one of the best ever made.

Z Vex
Lots of cool pedals with some useful audio demos.

Prescription Electronics
Makers of some really cool effects.

Some interesting pedals. Sadly no audio demos.

Cool vintage pedals and there's still some available.

Huge variety of pedals.

More useful pedals.

Makers of some great boutique pedals.

Howard Davis
Pedal design, repairs, and custom builds.

Fuchs Audio Technology
Some great pedals.

Custom and vintage pedals.

MJM Guitar FX
Some great looking hand built guitar pedals.

Cause and Effect Pedals
Home to the FET Dream.

Diamond Guitar Pedals
Some great products plus a custom shop.


Pedal Sellers

These are some of the places that I check out in my ever growing need to buy old pedals ;)

Rock N Roll Pedals
Good selection of boutique pedals and some cool old vintage boxes too!

Custom Sounds
Finish Guitar shop with awesome range of stuff, hard to get items, and cool guys too!

Vintage and rare guitars
Some really cool vintage guitar pedals.

Music Gear Company
A huge selection of guitar pedals.

Pedal Geek
Lots and lots of pedals.

Pure Pedals
Online Irish retailer of boutique guitar effects.

For Musicians Only
Some lovely old things here too, but customer service can be a little slow...

Pedal Accessories

The Gig Rig
Awesome true bypass pedal switcher that I used for a while... these days prefer smaller set ups and use their Loopy2 switcher and the Quarter Master.

Smith And Strange
Super cool pedalboards with German engineering :) really great concept and heard great things about them!

Pedal Gear
Makers of cool power supplies and pedal boards.

Trailer Trash
The makers of probably the coolest looking pedal boards of all time. I want one!


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