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Places I look when I am buying gear...


Electric Guitar Dealers (UK)

Charlie Chandlers Guitar Experience
My main guitar store. Charlie is the man who knows...

Vintage And Rare
Bit too expensive for me, but man have they got some nice stuff...

Chandlers Guitars
Good selection and cool very knowledgeable guys.

Peter Cooks
Pretty descent guitar shop in West London. Not so much vintage gear, but good prices and service on new stuff.

Guitar Village
Pretty cool store with lots of nice old stuff, and they sell Maton acoustics!!

Guitar Junction
Vintage and unique guitars in West Sussex. 

Guitar Works
Reading based guitar dealer.

The Guitar Store
A great selection of electric guitars plus some vintage ones.

The Oxford Guitar Gallery
As the name suggests, a really nice guitar shop in Oxford.

Electric Guitar Dealers (US)

THE place to look for second hand guitars and amps.

Rock n Roll Vintage
Rock N Roll Vintage specializes in selling American Vintage and Used Guitars, Amps and Effects world wide.

Matt Uminov
Great NYC guitar store, always worth a visit when I am town.

Ibanez Rules
(Rich Harris) Ibanez specialist guitar dealers, in new and second hand. This guy seems to be really in the know about Ibanez guitars and buys and sells good quality stuff. If you are looking for a shred monster guitar in the US - this site is for you!

Vintage Nationals
As the name says, old National guitars, great selection.

General Music Gear Shops

Very cheap most of the time. And fast delivery and good service.

Massive store, good prices.

Pro Audio (UK)

Studio Creations
Great guys to help set up your studio

KMR Audio
Great pro audio with excellent reviews from all my friends. Recommended.

Funky Junk
Cool Pro Audio store with lots of goodies. New and s/h.

Larkings List
High end s/h pro audio stuff including vintage gear.

Sound On Sound
The reader ads section is always good for shopping for studio bits!

Studio Spares
Great place to get all your cables, adaptors etc. Big catalogue of stuff. Shop online.


Pro Audio (US)



If you got a tube amp, then great valves can really make it sound amazing. My Telefunken flat plates made by old silverface twin sound amazing (compared with the groove tubes that were in when I bought it)

Tube Depot
Great selection of new and NOS valves for your amps! I buy my valves from here.

Tube Amp Doctor
German store, full of great amp stuff, including fab valve selection.

Watford Valves
A huge selection of valves for your amp.



Pick-ups are a very important part of your guitar sound... well they pick up the sound don't they, so that's gotta be important.

Bare Knuckle
I don't have any yet, but every time I hear them I think about getting some!

Seymour Duncan
Most of my guitars seem to have at least on Seymour in them. Great sounding pickups.

Great acoustic guitar pickups.

Gibson make great pickups as well as guitars. The Gibson humbucker I have in my Tele sounds fat as.

Lindy Fralin
A couple of my mates have Fralin's in their strats and they sound awesome. Top quality stuff.

The old standard pickup.

Swineshead Pickups
UK based customised hand made pickups.

Wizard Pickups
Custom and bespoke pickups.

Pickups built to replicate famous pickups.

Great pickups.

Rio Grande Pickups
Texan pickup manufacturer.

CC Pickups
Charlie Christian pickups synonymous with the Gibson ES150 & ES250.

Vintage and modern style guitar pickups. 

Custom guitar pickups. 

Some really nice pickups.



The best harps you can get. Well the best I have heard. I have one. Amazing instrument.


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