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Guitar Education Links Index

There are LOTS of sites that teach guitar online. Here is a selection of them!

I will get around to ranking them all at some point but I have not had time yet.

If you know a site that I should add here then please email me with LINK SUGGESTION in the subject line!

Justin's Personal recommendations

These are sites that I am involved with or that I think are cool.

Jam Play
Subscription paysite that offers a few free lessons. Pro Site. Follow the link above and enter the promotional code JGTR2012 and you can get your free 7 day trial.

Guitar Lessons (PAY sites)

Of course there are hundreds of people out there charging for lessons. Here are some you might like to check out if you want to part with some cash!

Next Level Guitar
Dave and Tim and friends delivery loads of guitar lessons. They are very cool surfer dudes and have a big YouTube following. Some free stuff on there too.

Lick Library
Pay per lesson site that offers some free lessons. These guys are super pro with great instructors, some of which are friends of mine. Really great tuition here!

Guitar Tricks
Offers 24 free lessons - the rest you have to pay for! Pro site.

Guitar Masterclass
Offers some free lessons but mostly paid for. Pro site.

Guitar Teacher World
A free trail subscription site. Not a huge amount of content.

Infinite Guitar
Subscription site with 6 free lessons. 

Free Guitar Videos
A site that has free lessons but also premium content

Workshop Live
A subscription site with a few sample lessons.

Totally Guitars
Pay per lesson videos.

Guitar Lessons (FREE sites)

I'd like to think my site is the best of the free sites - but it's all down to what you gel with - so here are a selection of other free guitar sites you might like to check out. There is some really good stuff out there, and let's face it, I am just 1 guy and can only do so much...

Online Guitar Lessons
All free but a bit hard to navigate. Not lots of content but it's ok...

Guitar MX
Free guitar lessons with a small amount of audio/video lessons.

Guitar Lessons
Free lessons for guitarist's of all levels.

Guitar Noise
Free lessons but no videos and sneaky google adverts, so watch where you click.

A lot of free lessons some with audio/video/midi.

Theory Lessons
All theory based lessons with no practical tutorials.

Guitar Player World
Free lessons with accompanying mp3's or midi files.

Guitar Lessons
Very basic site with 9 guitar lessons.

Whole Note
Lots of free lesson but difficult to find what your looking for.

Dolphin Street
Free video lessons but no beginner stage. Option of paid webcam tutorials.

ABC Learn Guitar
Free simple guitar lessons with all video lessons navigating to Jam Play!

Ultimate Guitar
Lots of free lessons, sadly no vid's.

Berklee Shares
30 or so free guitar videos.

Jazz Guitar
A free site dedicated to Jazz lessons.

Get Guitar lessons
Simple guitar site with some free lessons and a few paid ones.

Guitar Basics
All free tablature based lessons. Slightly confusing site.

Free tablature lessons.


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