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Watch me LIVE on the interweb thingy!

Most Saturdays... going to start changing things up a bit and trying out what works!

Times may change sometimes due to my schedule, but the 'normal time' will be as follow, and we'll see how it goes! There are a few weeks where I know I'll be away... so keep an eye on this page for dates!

GMT 6-8pm (London)
PST 10-12am (Los Angeles)
EST 1-3pm (New York)
AEDT 5-7am (Sydney) sorry!

Live show on hold for a little bit... will explain shortly!

IF I'M HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES then you might see the video marked as 'private' - please get over to my Facebook Page where I'll post the new video location if we have a problem - but seems pretty solid again now - just one week where it all got a bit messy!


Previous Episodes

160109 • First show of 2016, hour for beginners and hour open session Q & A

160116 • Great fun Second show, hour for beginners and Open Q&A Session!

160123 • Few technical difficulties :( but persevered and got the show on the road in the end! editing.

160130 • No tech dramas this week - good fun sessions these :)

160206 • Another fun session, the Open Q&A was a bit of a shred fest!

sorry - need to get these edited and uploaded - struggling to catch up - will get on it v soon!