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Scott Henderson

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One of the finest jazz fusion guitar players...

I got the CD out of the case and loaded it into my new hi-fi that I had bought a few weeks earlier, a group of other musician friends had gathered in my flat to hear this amazing CD that we had heard about, and I had ordered as an import (and it cost as much as I got paid for a gig too!). So I hit play and soft jazz shite comes out of the speakers, but only quietly... and then comes this awesome fat drum sound and nearly blows my speakers!!! Tribal Tech had arrived in my flat and blown our minds!

Scott came to do a clinic at the Bedford in London and I was offered some time to interview him for the web site - which of course I took immediately. He really knows his stuff and his masterclass was fantastic, he shared a whole lot of cool stories and tips on practice. Much of which I asked him to repeat for the interview.

I just wish there had been time for me to get a private lesson with him too - such a cool guy and I really felt like his thinking on music and learning were similar to my own - I wanted to find out more about how he learns jazz... but it all does come down to transcribing!!!

Thanks to Guitar Getaways and The Guitar Institute for organising the clinic and inviting me to participate.

Don't forget to check out his web site too!

I'm sure you will get a load of benefit from this - I know I did!

The Interview (3 parts)

Scott wrote me and asked me to remove these videos, so out of respect for him I did. He said he wasn't happy with how he looked in them, which I think is crazy but I wanted to respect his wishes.
Lesson ID: MA-003