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Lessons live in Modules which are grouped into Categories. I suggest you learn things in modules where you'll find a structured path to follow, however, there is little danger in exploring other things you find interesting too, just try not to feel disappointed if you struggle with things way above your grade.

Songs are not in modules or categories and I have graded them to help you pick appropriate songs for your ability, so they have their own Songs Page.

I have a page about Lesson Structure if you're still unsure about that, and if you're struggling to find what you're looking for then please use the contact me form and let me know so I can improve the site! I have a Master Module List which shows all the modules in a suggested order for you too! 

Search For It!

If you're looking for a lesson on something specific then I think you'll find the search function of the site is effective and easy! You can use the spot at the top of the page, or combine your search with filters using the box below left.

The filters (Difficulty & Category) will help you refine the search if you're not exactly sure what to look for.

The default module display is by Grade and the default lesson display is by date, newest first - so regulars can see what the latest lessons are - but you can also display lessons by grade.

Do let me know if you're having trouble navigating the new site - and we'll do our best to improve it!

Finding Your Path

Keeping it easy for you to find your way around is really important to me but with well over a thousand lessons it's a challenge. All lessons on this site will be included in a 'module' (a series of lessons) and I assume that the vast majority of people will want to learn things in a structured and progressive way, so going through the modules in grade order would seem the logical way to go.

The outline in brief: The Beginners Course is for people starting out. When that's finished you should move into the Intermediate Foundations and then Intermediate Modules, of which there are many! After Intermediate grades, you'll decide where you want to go and what you want to do - I'll do my best to guide you!

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Beginner 183
White 77
Yellow 40
Orange 66
Intermediate 325
Green 64
Blue 110
Purple 151
Advanced 42
Red 37
Brown 5
Black 0
Other 277
Spectrum 277
1 Beginner Guitar Course 111
2 Intermediate Foundations 46
3 Intermediate Modules 98
4 Advanced Modules 22
Arpeggios 6
Backing Tracks 0
Chords 19
Ear Training 23
Guitars, Amps & Effects 46
Knowledge Base 24
Playground 182
Practical Music Theory 115
Production 9
Scales & Modes 56
Technique Study 41
Transcribing 22
Ukulele 7