#06: BB King: BB Box 1 chord

B. B. King is "The Chairman Of The Board", certainly one of the greatest blues guitar players to have ever lived, and from watching the biographical film "The Life Of Riley" (Riley B King is his birth name) he seems a thoroughly great man, a great human being, worthy of the many accolades he receives.

This lick introduces you to the famous "BB Box", a small group of notes that BB uses a lot which sound great.

In the lesson I show you how he's using the box as well as teaching this classic lick!


Getting The Sound

For this lick I'm using a Gibson 335 guitar (1969) into a Fender Super Champ (old valve one from 1983 designed by Rivera, not the current model) recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone.

Guitar Settings
To get the sound I used the neck pickup, with the volume rolled back a tiny bit just to help it clean up.

Amp Settings
'Exact settings' even if you have the same amp and guitar will probably not sound exactly the same... My settings (to use as a starting point): Volume 6, Treble 8, Bass 6, Reverb 3, Lead N/A, Master Volume 3.

Pedal Settings
None used.

Blues Licks