2016 Apr 02 - Live Stream

General Q&A session.

See below for the list of Q's and the times (thanks Zoe!).

02:30 No fake nails for Justin for a while
05:30 Projects in the pipeline - new apps/ website development
08:25 General quick questions from the livefeed
12:20 Clip on tuners – Justin’s favourite
16:05 Justin plays a Blues in G improv.
18:40 More quick questions from the livefeed
20:45 Guitar strings - Justin’s new favourite
21:20 Justin’s Suhr guitar
22:20 Amp set ups
25:00 Palm muting
28:15 Chord changes – thumb position for beginners
31:30 Pick thickness – Justin’s favourite
34:45 Kemper profiler / amps
35:40 Is learning other instruments beneficial when learning guitar?
42:05 Music theory – Justin’s new project
43:20 Scales- when to learn them
46:10 Beginners – learning to use a metronome effectively
47:30 Best amps for home practice – Kemper profiler/ Fender Blues Junior
52:05 Flick offs – best finger angle
53:10 Warming up
54:20 Justin demos the Kemper profiler and responds to questions on it
1:04:00  I’ve just got my first electric guitar - what should I learn first?
1:04:30  How long does it take Justin to learn a song?
1:05:50  The 4 control knobs on Justin’s guitar – what do they do?
1:09:10  Amp recommendations for acoustic guitar
1:09:25  I’ve been playing for 5 months – is it too early to learn Jazz?
1:10:00  Does Justin change tone during a song?
1:10:40  Life on Mars lesson
1:11:45  F chord – I’m still having trouble with it- any tips?
1:14:25  Strumming – getting the right emphasis on the thick/ thin/ all strings
1:16:30  What’s the ideal string height on an acoustic? Where to get a great guitar set up in London.
1:18:10  For speed should I anchor my palm on the bridge or pinky on the guitar body?
1:19:55  CAGED chord shapes
1:23:10  Advice for buying a first guitar
1:25:00  Amps for electric and acoustic – what’s the difference?
1:26:30  Flick offs – finger angle
1:28:08  Correct tension in fretting hand
1:30:50  Learning Jazz
1:34:28  Will learning to read music improve my playing?
1:35:20  Tuning without a tuner/ using tuner apps
1:38:25  Blues chord progressions
1:40:10  Practicing hitting target notes
1:41:05  Palm muting – hand placement
1:42:10  Justin’s very first guitars
1:42:30  Acoustic/ electric? What is Justin playing most at the moment?
1:43:40  Arpeggio licks
1:45:50  Sweep picking exercises
1:46:55  Strumming without a pick
1:48:40  Different tone woods
1:50:05  Developing hand size/ span
1:50:45  When’s the next WCAS album coming?
1:51:28   Justin’s favourite reverb pedal
1:52:20  Finding a good private tutor
1:54:50  Increasing flexibility and strength in the fretting hand
1:56:25  Minimum movement/ finger control
1:58:00  Music theory
2:01:05  Overcoming nerves – CBT
2:02:50  French musicians that Justin likes
2:04:35  Slide lessons
2:05:30  Sequel to the major scale DVD coming soon!
2:06:10  Does Justin still hang out with Katie Melua?
2:06:40  Song lessons coming next
2:10:25  Will there be a master class with Tommy Emmanuel?
2:10:50  Are Justin’s parents musical?
2:11:40  1959 Fender Bassman
2:13:15  Future livestreams to be every 2 weeks. Next one 16th April (to be confirmed)

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