2016 Feb 06 - Beginner Q&A

Another great fun session. Next live session is the end of the month because I've got some other committments the next two Saturdays.

Topics Covered - Beginner Hour

Big thanks to YouTube user Zoe Magesse! much appreciated!

00:05 Justin plays something funky.

01:35 Funk Course info.

03:00 Joe Satriani style chords.

05:45 Justin’s favourite guitarists to play along with.

07:00 “How to save a life”- tips for playing.

09:40 How long has Justin been playing guitar?

09:55 What kinds of music is Justin into?

11:25 Why are some artists songs not in Justin’s songbooks?

14:28 Jazz: Who does Justin listen to?

14:45 Any plans for Justin to visit the USA?

15:35 Courtney Barnett songs that Justin would have liked to put in the songbook.

16:40  Will Justin be going to Poland?

17:55 Why is Justin focusing on beginners songs at the moment?

20:20 Folk or classical guitar – can I use whichever I prefer?

21:12 Transcribing: Hearing the difference between D/ D7 and A/A7

23:28 Muting (chord change noise on an acoustic)

25:34 Chord changes- is it better not to look? Speed/ accuracy tips.

27:22 Palm muting.

28:45 Reading notation- is it important for beginners?

29:12 Most common beginners issue that Justin sees.

30:10 Can I play heavy metal on an acoustic?

30:57 Should I compare myself to other players?

31:45 Finger anchor- does Justin do this?

32:30 Metronome- Is it essential or can I play along to the record instead?

34:20 Strumming patterns- how to transcribe them.

37:20 Sore fingers after 3 months- any tips?

38:15 D chord muted and D/F base – what’s the difference?

41:55 Removing bits of cloth from guitar strings…

43:50 Sore finger when playing barre chords.

44:35 Keeping time- how to practice?

49:10 Singing- how to improve?

51:10 Keeping time (continued…)

53:05 Most important chords for beginners.

53:45 Whammy bars for beginners.

54:55 I only have 20 mins practice time a day- how to progress?

58:00 Playing past 12 frets on a standard shaped guitar.

58:50 Strumming accuracy- how to improve?

1:03:57 Fretting hand- should it be touching the guitar neck?

1:06:00 Playing with other people- getting started.

1:08:10 I can do my one minute changes but have trouble with chord changes in songs. Is this normal?

1:09:45 Tone and selector switches on a Strat- how to use them.

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