2016 Feb 06 - Open Q&A

Topics Covered - Open Q&A Session

Big thanks again to Zoe Magesse :)

00:20 Justin’s favourite chocolate.

00:35 Classical lessons- any time soon?

01:05 Introducing today’s theme: Easy rock licks.

02:00 Long solos- tips for learning.


(Justin explains: What they are/ why they are useful/ developing faster playing/ using chunks of a scale/ staying relaxed/ getting the timing right / muting/ effective metronome practice/ slow practice/ hammer-ons and flick-offs/ focusing on strengths versus working on weaknesses/ moving between scale patterns/ rhythmic groupings/ picking off the beat/ and more..!)

30:10 First distortion pedal- what would Justin recommend?

31:00 Playing slow versus playing fast/ Tom Quayle

33:22 Chord melodies- can I use them in anything?

33:50 “Comping” – what does this mean?

34:50 Finding chords from single notes in a melody.

37:22 When will WCAS come to the USA?

37:43 Soloing over chord changes- moving from one scale to another.

41:28 Reggae strumming- getting your groove going.

51:25 Muting strings when playing blues licks.

53:50 New Blues Lead Course: When/ where and why it’s better?

54:45 Harmonics

55:12 Barre chords- G string trouble ;)

56:03 G chord using fingers 2, 3 & 4

56:28 Is there an open C minor chord?

58:15 Next livestream date: 27th February.

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