2016 Jan 09 - Beginner Hour

The first of the new format JustinGuitar Live Show was awesome and over 800 people came by for it :) Thanks so much for coming. So below you'll find the show, edited into two, part 1 being a beginner hour and part 2 being the Open Session for general Q & A.

If someone had time it would be awesome to note the questions I answered as they watch it and email it to me so I can add it here for easy reference for others ;)

Topics Covered - Beginner Hour

Big thanks to YouTube user ploospility! much appreciated!

0:01 Intro
1:46 My fingers are sore, any tips?
5:28 Lines in fingers
6:42 Is learning using multiple guitars ok?
7:38 What should be my first guitar?
10:19 Music theory - too daunting for beginners?
11:11 Old Jamaica song
12:26 Justin’s note-reading book
13:09 Is it easier to learn on an electric or acoustic guitar?
16:17 What makes a $1000 guitar better than a $100 guitar?
17:20 Second hand guitars
17:43 Squier Strat vs. Fender Strat
18:27 Is it too late for me to start learning guitar?
20:17 How to look at finger positioning on fretboard while playing?
22:54 How do you know what fingering to use when reading tab?
24:08 My thumb got cut off in an accident, can I still play the guitar?
26:20 Strings for beginners?
26:38 How important is it to learn with a teacher vs. just online lessons?
28:16 I often drop my guitar pick, any tips?
29:52 When should I start learning guitar?
30:06 Using a looper pedal
31:14 Book recommendation to learn harmony
31:37 My guitar is always out of tune, what should I do?
32:20 Who is Justin’s teacher?
33:49 At what age did Justin start playing guitar?
34:03 Guitar tuning app
34:32 Thoughts on Rocksmith
35:10 Learning guitar and becoming a guitar player; Ear training/transcribing
37:05 What is the biggest “do not do”?
39:09 Is it better to practice scales or chords?
40:18 Strumming with fingers vs. pick?
42:38 Warm up before practice?
44:05 Learning to sing?
45:50 How to play and sing at the same time?
48:01 How long should strings last?
49:10 How long does it take to get chord changes clean?
49:46 Recommendations on strings
50:00 Thoughts on Guitar Pro software
51:10 Why can’t we buy individual songs from your songbooks?
52:10 Have you ever met Marty? / Does your girlfriend play guitar?
52:53 When will you be back on stage?
53:25 Best guitar for short stubby fingers?
53:51 Is foot tapping important?
54:33 Scratchy string sounds when switching chords
55:15 Beginner’s frustration and progression

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