2016 Jan 09 - Open Q&A

Topics Covered - Main Q&A

Thank you Zoe! :)

0 :40    Improvising tips
2 :25    Transcribing chord progressions if no guitar in song
5 :30    Sire Guitars
6 :50    Frank Zappa
7 :40    Cycle of fifths and note names
9 :05    Justin’s favourite Jazz guitarists
11:10   How many guitars does Justin have?
11:20   II-V-I Jazz chord progression
15:02   Blues: Incorporating chord tones into solos
17:35   Finding key of song when someone is using a capo
21:05   Learning note names –how important is it?
23:15   Playing Hendrix style when you can’t get your thumb over
24:40   Fastest way to learn notes on the fretboard
25:00   Pearl Jam Black lesson/ plans for more videos from songbooks
26:55   Getting blues licks sounding fluent/ observing your mistakes
28:30   New Blues lead course coming soon
30:40   All about Justin’s tattoos
32:15   Does Justin know the other youtube guitar teachers?
33:40   Please cover a Jim Campilongo song
35:50   Staying motivated/ setting goals
39:05   Spanish and classical styles
39:25   Finding new sounds/ how to avoid playing the same old licks
40:40   Justin’s hat
41:50   10,000 hour rule
42:45   Justin’s new trio
44:00   Amy Winehouse
45:00   In search of the best tone
47:05   More apps on the way?
47:30   Practicing without a guitar
49:25   How did Justin get so good at transcribing?
51:30   Increasing the stretch of fretting hand
53:05   Who were Justin’s teachers?
53:35   Justin’s favourite song
54:10   Justin’s real birthday
54:20   Maxing out amps
55:30   Can we have a Mark Knopfler interview?
56:05   Transcribing course
56:50   Does Justin get sponsored to play certain guitars/ amps?
58:05   Which new artists does Justin like?
58:45   What amps for AC/DC?

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