2016 Jan 16 - Beginner Hour

The first of the new format JustinGuitar Live Show was awesome and over 800 people came by for it :) Thanks so much for coming. So below you'll find the show, edited into two, part 1 being a beginner hour and part 2 being the Open Session for general Q & A.

If someone had time it would be awesome to note the questions I answered as they watch it and email it to me so I can add it here for easy reference for others ;)

Topics Covered - Beginner Hour

Thank you Zoe! :)

0 :35    What is the typical Student time to complete each stage?
2 :20    C# -hard chord for beginners?
3 :45    Practice advice/ importance of enjoying playing as well as structured practice.
5 :50    First song Justin ever learnt
6 :15    Should you practice standing/ sitting/ both?
8 :05    Is a musical education essential for writing songs?
11:40   Should I play in a band with people much better than me?
14:40   Recording practice sessions – how useful is it?
16:30   Digital tuner –how to use it.
19:30   Tuners/ tuner apps that Justin uses.
20:30   How important is it to learn whole songs all the way through?
23:05   Get playing along with original tracks
24:05   Acoustic guitar for £500 – will I get a good guitar for that?
25:35   Guitar strap slides around/ what height should I set it at?
28:05   F chord/ Barre chords – I practice lots but am still having trouble.
30:20   Getting started with song writing.
31:10   When I buy a new guitar should I get it set up and restrung straight away?
34:00   Importance of good posture when playing.
35:30   Noticeable sound of pick when strumming.
37:10   Getting the hang of the upstrum.
39:25   How to improve fingerstyle technique.
43:35   When are you no longer a beginner/ When are you an intermediate player?
45:20   Nylon strings for beginners – are they easier/ better?
47:45   Using amps with acoustic guitars.
50:00   How long does it take to master the guitar?
51:45   Left handed players playing right handed.
53:20   Playing on stage for the first time.
58:10   Sore muscle between thumb and first finger.

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