2016 Jan 16 - Open Q&A

Topics Covered - Open Q&A Session

Thank you Zoe! :)

0 :40    String bending – catching string above/ how to mute?
7 :25    Acoustic pick guards – Velcro tip.
8 :35    Jack White solo style – what makes it so good?
11:10   Where is Justin playing live at the moment?
11:35   How do you dial in your amp for a gig?
12:05   Using 1st finger to mute string above/ string bending.
14:00   How to stay relaxed when playing/ improving stamina.
20:50   Making scales musical when improvising.
23:35   Justin’s picks.
24:15   Elliott Smith style- will Justin do any?
24:40   Funk module.
25:00   Acoustic/ Electric guitar- do you need a different approach?
25:45   Plectrum size – what do you use and when do you change it?
28:10   Advice on buying 2nd guitar.
31:20   Soloing over chords/ new lessons and modules coming soon.
33:15   What should I play in a guitar store?
35:50   Do Justin’s guitars have names?
36:20   Should I get a better amp or another pedal?
38:55   Please recommend a budget priced amp for 1st gigs.
40:08   Pedalboard video –will you do one?
41:10   Do you still use the dots on the guitar for reference?
42:55   Noiseless or standard single coils?
44:02   More U2/ The Cult/ David Bowie on the way?
46:10   What’s Justin’s favourite Bowie song?
47:30   Can you have Mike Dawes back as a guest again?
48:10   Jazz chord arrangements.
48:50   Reading standard notation- new ebook coming soon.
49:05   More theory coming soon too!
49:25   How did you start your band?
50:25   Are you a G n R fan?
52:55   What projects are in the pipeline?
54:08   Pedal points
54:42   Is guitar based music making a comeback?
55:43   What’s Justin’s favourite RHCP album

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