2016 Jan 23 - Beginner Q&A

The third of the new format JustinGuitar Live Show was awesome once we got over a few technical difficulties at the start! :) Thanks so much for bearing with me while I got it sorted - hence the shorter Beginner session this week. So below you'll find the show, edited into two, part 1 being a beginner hour and part 2 being the Open Session for general Q & A.

If someone had time it would be awesome to note the questions I answered as they watch it and email it to me so I can add it here for easy reference for others ;)

Topics Covered - Beginner Hour

Thank you Zoe! :)

0:30    Chord changes – quality or quantity more important ?
1:50    Pinkie knuckle trouble
3:20    What is “action”?
5:20    Pick thickness- what does Justin recommend?
6:30    New Blues course – when will it be out?
7:40    Light/ heavy gauge strings – which is better?
9:05    Funk Lessons
9:25    Speed exercises for beginners
10:00   Can you put electric strings on an acoustic guitar?
10:50   Improving rhythm: Why and how to play along to original tracks
16:25   F chord – how to get it happening in one smooth movement
19:00   Power chords – how to mute top strings
22:40   I use the James Taylor fingering for D chord – should I change?
26:30   Is it safe to play an acoustic electric through a tube amp?
27:40   Australian song book
28:30   Buckethead…
28:55   Placing fingers when learning chords – one at a time or air changes?
30:05   Suggestions for 2 beginners playing songs together

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