2016 Jan 30 - Open Q&A

Topics Covered - Open Q&A Session

00:05   Today’s theme: Working out chord melody arrangements.
04:00   “In My Life” (Beatles): Finding the melody by ear/ how to play the melody along with the chords/ moving chords around the fretboard/ substituting chords/ alternative bass notes.
16:30   Notes over a chord- e.g. can you hear if it’s a 3rd or a 5th?
18:10   Strumming too hard- how to tone it down.
19:00   Staying disciplined with a practice routine.
19:50   Masterclasses in the UK – any plans?
20:30   Guitar players Justin would like to meet in person.
21:10   Transcribing Melodies.
22:10   Banjo – can Justin play one?
22:15   Female guitar players Justin would like to meet.
23:45   “Under the bridge”- finding the melody.
25:40   Fretbuzz on my A string.
26:25   Ana Vidovic (amazing classical player)
26:55   AC/DC –has Justin seen them live?
27:30   How to become a guitar god :)
29:00   Rolling Stones- possible lessons?
29:40   Henry Wayne Shepherd.
30:15   Pentatonic rut- how to break out of it.
33:35   Australian songbook- what’s in it?
34:20   Justin’s assistant.
34:37   The Guitar Institute- does Justin still teach there?
35:00   Derek Trucks (slide guitar player).
36:00   How long till things started “to click” for Justin?
37:45   String gauges- what does Justin use?
39:00   Would Justin have rather been a star?
41:08   Why are lessons not on Guitar Pro?
41:22   “From Katie’s Window” Justin’s song- who is Katie?
42:15   How to meet other guitar players?
42:32   Swing feel and how to play it.
44:08   What’s the longest time Justin has gone without playing?
44:30   PRS guitars/ graphite/ carbon guitars.
44:45   Diminished bar chords- how to play.
46:05   Walking bass notes and Jazz chord progressions.
47:50   Justin’s new hat :)
48:10   Travis picking.
49:10   Bass lessons.
49:50   Strumming without a pick.
50:55   Alternate picking- how to improve.
51:58   Effects pedal- Justin’s favourite.
52:10   Possible future meet ups.
52:42   Modal licks.
53:15   Pedals/ pedalboard lesson.
53:40   Justin’s favourite guitar solo.
54:15   Improvising solos with scales.
55:05   Top guitars Justin can’t live without.
55:55   A few random quick questions…
58:40   Widdly licks (to be continued next week…)

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