2020 Ukulele Buyers Guide

So you are thinking about buying a Ukulele? Then here's your buyers guide to the best uke for you in 2020!

In Short - Which Uke?

I would recommend an ADULT buy a CONCERT size ukulele. After browsing around I would think these are the best bang for buck right now:

Kala Concert Uke: Great brand, high-quality uke and would last you a long time.

For CHILDREN I would recommend a SOPRANO size uke, something cheap and cheerful that will be fun and you won't be worried about if it gets damaged (it will!).

Mahalo Soprano Uke: The very one I bought for Vivi and loads of colours to choose from!

Kala Soprano Uke: This links to a search because there are million different colours - try to find one that your child would like - a frozen one if they're into that, or a shark one, a pink one - whatever might inspire them to grab it and play!

In Short - Which Accessories?

I don't really think you need a bag, strap or picks really, but a clip-on tuner would be a great idea - this is the most popular budget but reliable one:

Snark SN5X: Super popular clip-on tuner at a very reasonable price!

There is also a free tuner in my Beginner Guitar Course App (available for iOS and Android).

And maybe my Children's Songs For Mums And Dads eBook? :)

Let's get some more detail then...

Ukulele Sizes

There are four common sizes of the ukulele - each with their own merits!

The smallest of the range is Soprano Ukulele.

+ Small and easy to carry
+ Smaller neck is great for kids and smaller hands
- Small sound

The next size up if the most common and what I generally recommend for most people.

+ Still small enough to carry around
+ Big enough to get a decent sound that carries for parties!
+ Biggest range available because it's the most popular

Bigger than tenor but not crazy bigger!

+ Bigger sound!
+ Some may prefer the feel of the bigger body!
+ Maybe better for someone with big hands
- Probably too big for young children

I know some people love them, but I just don't get it (maybe because I already play guitar a bit!)

+ Good as part of a ukulele ensemble to get the low sounds!
- Just sounds like a small body guitar with strings missing!

How To Choose

  • If you are new to uke, get a cheap one and see if you like it. If you do - give it away to someone and get yourself a new one! :)
  • Find one that you like - a colour or design that you get a vibe with!
  • If you can - go to a store and try a few out - you can learn to play a C chord in just a couple of minutes so you have something to play to try them!

Links to the products in the video!

Not that they're all recommended, but here they are!

Mahalo Soprano Uke

Maton Concert Uke

Freshman Tenor Uke (seems like it's UK only?)

Makala Baritone Uke

TC Electronic Polytune Clip-On Tuner

Aquila Nylgut Ukulele Strings


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