#23: A King: P2 Call It

This lick is here to show you the way a lick can be spread between two phrases, it's more like a sentence than a word, seems to speak.

Using just these 3 notes Albert often constructs incredible musical ideas - and I'd strongly recommend getting into trying to do whole solos using just three of four notes, you'll learn a lot about phrasing and making real music.


Getting The Sound

For this lick I'm using a Gibson 335 guitar (1969) into a Fender Super Champ (old valve one from 1983 designed by Rivera, not the current model) recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone.

Guitar Settings
To get the sound I used the Bridge pickup. Volume right up. Tone right up.

Amp Settings
'Exact settings' even if you have the same amp and guitar will probably not sound exactly the same... but my settings (to use as a starting point): Volume 5, Treble 7, Bass 8, Reverb 3, Lead N/A, Master Volume 3.

Pedal Settings
None used! The signal went through my mini pedalboard but the only thing I used was the tuner!

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