About The Grade System

As you progress up the grades they get harder and will require more study and take you more time.

The first three grades (white, yellow and orange) are what I call the Beginner level: the absolute basic foundation for all music theory, which should not cause many people problems on an intellectual level. I recommend that these are done as you progress through the grades of the Beginner Course if you can.

Remember this is a Practical Music Theory course so some of the concepts might be fairly easy in theory but take quite some time to master on a practical level.

The following three grades - green, blue and purple - are the Intermediate stage and cover the theory that I believe most guitarists will find useful and practical - things a semi-pro gigging guitarist should want to know! All the fundamentals are covered and people who have completed the purple grade will know what they’re talking about! These grades are more challenging than at Beginner level but I hope I’ve explained them clearly enough for it to be smooth sailing. If you want to get deeper into jazz or other complex intellectual music then you'll need to start exploring...

I call the final three grades Explorer level (red, brown and black!) and to be frank, I'm still planning the most effective order to explain them. I will be releasing them as I finish them over the coming few years (though I expect this site will be a lifetime project for me!). Each will require a lot of study (and work for me!) and will contain material that should take most people quite a few months to digest. These topics will require thought, study, logic, repetition and questioning of your own understanding. You’ll open a lot of doors in these stages and you should prepare for them by making sure you study the earlier grades thoroughly.

Music Theory 0