Air Changes (aspire to this!)

This is a new approach to changing between your chords.

Up until now, we’ve always got our fingers into the chord positions by placing them on the strings one at a time in finger-number order. This is still a great way to learn and practice chords, but the truth is – you really want all of your fingers to go down at the same time.

How can we do this?

We do this by essentially changing the chords in the air, forming the shape of the chord grips before the fingers even make contact with the strings. By getting them into position ahead of time, you can more quickly and easily plop them all down on the strings and strum the chord.

These air changes become more important the more difficult the chords get, so practising them now on simpler chords that you’re already familiar with will help you get into the habit of changing chords this way.

For now, practice forming the chord grips in the air, placing the grip on the strings, and then strumming the chord. Once you’re comfortable with the concept of air changes, you can incorporate it into your One Minute Changes and Chord Perfect Practice. Honestly, if you’ve already been diligent about practising those exercises, you’re probably already doing air changes to a certain extent.

A good chord pairing to try air changing between is G to C because all of the fingers change when switching between these two chords.

Don't feel at all frustrated if you find this very difficult - Nitsuj is still finding it a struggle but it getting there. This is the kind of thing you should aspire to, but it's likely to take you some months of work and something you'll work on for some time to come!