Building Melodic Patterns

Melodic Patterns are a way of playing scales to make them sound less like scales and more like music. Playing them will help you develop muscle memory that is not as boring as playing scales up and down and learning and working them out can be intellectually stimulating and quite a challenge. Let go...

One for the maths professor ;)

It's strange that using maths applied to scales (two subject that often make people get bored) can really make your scales come alive.

Basic number patterns:

1-2-3-4 : 2-3-4-5 : 3-4-5-6 : etc

1-2-3 : 2-3-4 : 3-4-5 : 4-5-6 : etc

1-3 : 2-4 : 3-5 : 4-6 : 5-7 : etc

1-3-2-1 : 2-4-3-2 : 3-5-4-3 : etc.

If you don't see that pattern and would have trouble continuing the sequence, try again. Still stuck, then ask on the forum and we'll do our best to help out!

Very useful thing to do might be (hint) to print out a blank neck diagram and write on the major scale, but instead of dots, you could use numbers... that might help.... ;)

Moving On...

Time for some choonz...

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