Chord Changes For One

Strumming on the beat when changing between chords can be a tricky task! So, let's talk about getting your chords right and ready for strumming on beat one. If you're learning how to play your first songs, this lesson will give you some good advice. :)

No matter how fast a song is, you want to strum right on beat one - even if that means a fast chord change! As a general rule, you'll start changing your chords with enough time to get the chord ready for the next strum on beat 1. 


Get Your Chords Ready!

Chord changes usually happen on the first beat of each bar - especially in the songs we learn as a beginner! Sometimes, chords will change at other times too. For now, we'll concentrate on getting our chord changes right at the start of each bar. 

When learning how to play a song, it's much better to be playing the chord right on beat 1 than it is to be late all the time. You'll sound more musical, and people will even be able to sing along with you. :) 

So, focus on that the first couple of times you're playing a song. Don't expect to happen right away, but force yourself to start changing chords in time. It might be a big fumble fest in the beginning, but it gets better with practice.

If you haven't tried it out yet, check out my Beginner Song App! It's a super fun way to learn how to play songs and practice strumming patterns and chord changes. 

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