Chris Buck Articulations

I was lucky enough to get Chris to come by the studio and teach me how he does his trademark articulation - a very fast slide that he uses with great effect to make his playing very vocal and dynamic! He uses it loads of different ways but I picked out 4 of them and tabbed them out and we focus on those in the lesson.

It's a LOT to explore and that'll be the best way to absorb them - pick one and really work it in until it starts to appear without thinking about it.

I really enjoyed and it and I hope you will too!

TAB and Guitar Pro files will be found on the right under the google ad for registered users and I'll come back and add some more notes about the individual licks here sometime soon.


Go explore more of his work - he's got some cool lesson and gear vids on his channel!

YouTube: (new lessons every Friday!)



Chris Buck