Consolidation & Putting It Together

We've covered a LOT of ground in this module and it's REALLY important that you consolidate this stuff well before moving onto the next module. So to 'pass' this module here are the things you know and be able to do, and then some suggested things to practice.

Things You Should Know

1. Five Patterns of the Minor Pentatonic
2. Location of Blue Note within each of the Five Patterns
3. At least 5 Licks in each Pattern
4. What notes are great to bend, and how far to bend them.
5. Which note is the 'b3' in each pattern, and know how to curl it!

Things You Should Be Able To Do

1. Add vibrato to string bends.
2. Consistently get Unison bends in tune and without string noise.
3. Link all 5 Patterns while improvising
4. Play a confident One String Solo on any string.
5. Play a Blues solo in any key.

Things To Practice

Some of these things are concepts that you might continue exploring for many years and some I've been working on for over 10 years!

One String Solos
This is a super effective exercise that's also lots of fun. Just put on a backing track and jam on one string for 5 minutes! I still often get this in my 'technique pick n mix' and it's still great fun after all these years and I still find new fun ways to explore it. You can use bends and slides and rakes and anything else - just make sure all the notes are on one string!

The Uncommon Keys
When did you last play a Blues in Db? Yeah was a while for me too thinking about it, but every time you solo in a lesson common key you'll be strengthening you vocabulary and understanding of how the patterns lock together.

Blues Lead 2: All Over