Delay: Pedal Mini Reviews

I might get onto doing proper video reviews of all these at some point - but there are already many around if you have a look about on YouTube - but here are my thoughts about the ones I own and that are popular!

There is no substitute for trying them all out yourself at a music store, but hopefully, this article might help you decide which delay pedal is right for you!

Boss DD-7 (Digital Delay)

The Boss DD-7 is a great first delay pedal and one that you are likely to keep for many years! It sounds great and has plenty going on but not soo much as to make it hard to use. I really like the simplicity and the sound - a great combination for anyone - but perfect for someone new to guitar effects that wants to experiment!

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Strymon Timeline (Digital Delay)

The Timeline has become the high-end industry standard delay pedal and it is very good and has a wide range of styles. It sounds great and settings can be stored - however, it's probably not a great unit for someone new to delay, aside from being expensive, it's also got a lot of adjustable parameters which can be overwhelming if you're not sure what you are doing!

And to be up front, I'm pretty stroppy with Strymon and certainly can't recommend them because I bought their flagship reverb pedal called the Big Sky, and after 14 months (just out of warranty) the main and most important knob stopped working and they wanted $100 plus shipping to the US (at least another $150 insured post) which for a pedal at that price point is unacceptable. So if you don't mind paying premium prices for a great sounding pedal that may not even last much over a year - then they might be for you!

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Electro Harmonix Memory Man (Analog Delay)

I've done a whole lot of recording with my Memory Man - it's a lot of fun - many of the crazy noises that you hear on We Came As Strangers song Be Them (opens in Spotify!) is the Memory Man. Great sounds and easy to get experimental with!

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Boss DM-2w (Analog Delay)

I only got one of these in 2018 - the re-issue Waza Craft edition, but it's become a favourite and I've been using it a lot. It's a very musical pedal, the delays are analog and so not as bright and therefore they 'sit' in the sound in a more pleasing way to my ear - they don't seem to get in the way as much as digital delay can. The original units are highly sought after and expensive - but awesome!

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MXR Carbon Copy (Analog Delay)

Before getting the DM-2w this was my 'travel' delay when I wanted a small board for workshops and stuff and I really like it - just not as much as the DM-2! Great pedal though!

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Strymon El Capistan (Tape Delay emulation)

This is one of my favourite delay pedals ever - I can't vouch for the reliability, but the sound is awesome - it's got a load of 'hidden' features as well. It copies the sound and vibe of a tape delay really well but without the hassle. Really cool unit.

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TC Electronic Flashback (Digital Delay)

TC has been making great studio reverbs and delays for a long time and the Flashback is a very popular pedal, although I don't own one and so never really put it through its paces. They said they'd send me one to check out but they never got around to it.

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Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler (Digital Delay + emulation)

I've seen this one around a lot but never actually used one - it's said to have great sounds and I think it had a built-in looper too!


Have you got a delay pedal that you love and think I should add to this list? Lemme know in the comments below! :)

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