Delay: Settings To Start Exploring

I see delays falling into a few different areas that would be used for different things - and I think getting a handle on this will really help you use your delay pedal well - however, it's really REALLY important that you experiemnt and have fun exploring the sounds as well!


Delay Time: 25ms
Feedback (Repeats): 0% (1 repeat)
Mix (Level): 70-90%

The "Doubling" effect is not used so much these days but in the 60's and 70's it was fairly popular to beef up the guitar sound. Give it a go and have a listen as see what you think - it has its place but it's not super common.


Delay Time: 50ms
Feedback (Repeats): 25%
Mix (Level): 75%

With these setting, you get a kind of pseudo-chorus effect where it thickens the sound but it often sounds like it's modulating too. Again, not super useful these days but it has it's place and it worth knowing how to get that sound!

Slapback Delay

Delay Time: Between 90 and 130ms but it's tempo dependent!)
Feedback (Repeats): 0% (1 repeat)
Mix (Level): 70-90%

"Slapback" is a very common delay effect used extensively in Rockabilly and Country guitar and a lot by the Blues greats as well. Was super popular in the 50's and 60's and has a cool retro sound. It is just the one repeat of the note just delayed enough to hear it clearly and while it's not a set subdivision of a beat - the tempo of the song will dictate the exact setting that sounds cool. You need to experiment.

Psyco Verb

Delay Time: 100ms (but experiment!)
Feedback (Repeats): 50-75%
Mix (Level): 50%

With these setting, you can get a pretty nuts psychedelic reverby kind of thing going on - pretty strange, but useful at some point maybe... not one I use often but can be fun to play around with!

Solo Subtle

Delay Time: 400ms (but experiment!)
Feedback (Repeats): 30-50%
Mix (Level): 30%

When you get into longer delay times you will usually want to get the mix low or it can get very messy and have notes flying around all over the place! :) so err on the low side for the mix and experiment with time and feedback to taste. This kind of thing works great for a big rock solo with distortion!

Dotted 8th

Delay Time: to tempo
Feedback (Repeats): 0% (1 repeat)
Mix (Level): 30%

This will likely get it's own whole lesson as it's pretty popular and big deal and can be tricky to calculate - most commonly you would use a Tap Tempo function on the pedal to set the right delay time - without it gets pretty tricky! The dotted 8th trick is used in songs like Van Halens Cathederal, U2's Streets Have No Name and many more. I use the "Bo Diddly Rhythm" to get it going but I'll be showing you that in a lesson on it's own!

Long Delays

Delay Time: 600ms+
Feedback (Repeats): to taste
Mix (Level): usually low (10-30%)

When the delays get longer you really have to start paying attention to what you're doing and get to know your sound and what you're trying to do or things just get too messy and it the notes all get in the ways of each other. By all means experiment and explore but you'll need to keep your ears open!

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