Dream A Little Dream Of Me (ukulele)

We’re kicking off my new Ukulele Songs series with the wonderful “Dream A Little Dream of Me,” a classic song that’s been popularized by The Mamas and The Papas. It’s quite a complex tune, as far as the ukulele goes, with lots of chords. It’s worth getting through and practising, though - it sounds great once you get it!

Something you’ll notice right from the get-go is that depending on the specific chord progression you’re working with, you’ll want to use different fingerings for the chords than you may have learned initially. Sometimes it makes more sense to switch your fingers around a bit so they can be better positioned for chord changes.

Also, there are a few barre chords to watch out for! Of course, barring on a ukulele isn’t as crazy as barring on a guitar, but it still might be challenging for you in regards to those chord changes.

For strumming, a simple strum pattern will suffice here. But as always… do what you want! You’ve got ultimate creative control.


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