Ear Training Exercises (F2)

Well it's that time again to Just Use Sound To Improve Now...

This lesson we're going to be listening out for 7th and minor 7th chords, transcribing some short solos using The Major Scale and adding some rests to our rhythmic dictation!

The real deal is audio!!

OK, I have explained things in the video - but now it's time to put your ears to work!!

MP3 files of these audio clips are included on the DVD Set!

Download JUSTIN Method Foundation 2 Worksheet <-- alt click (or right click on PC) and select save to disk.

Once you are finished you can download the answer sheet at the bottom of this page!

2A - E Shape Major, Minor, 7 and Minor 7 Barre Progressions
In these exercises I will be only using E Shape Major, Minor, 7 and Minor 7 Barre chords - you have to work out which ones I'm playing. There will only be one chord in each bar so don't forget "the last thing you hear, staying in your ear" and pause the track to write the chords on the worksheet as you go. Find the root note first then work out the chord type!

JUSTIN-Method-Ex-2A by justinguitar


2B - G Major Scale Solo
In this exercise I will only use notes in the G Major Scale, so listen closely and pause after each note (just like you did for the chord progressions) and write in the tab as you go! You'll see where there should be notes if you use the worksheet! It's a skill that takes time to learn so don't be distressed if you don't get them all right away! Be happy if you get some right, and more right the next time you try it! Check out this lesson on tab if you forgot how to write it!

JUSTIN-Method-Ex-2B by justinguitar

2C - Rhythmic Dictation Exercises (Q / E and rests)
In this exercise we are only using Quarter notes (Crotchets) and Eighth notes (Quavers) but also adding in rests of the same values. This time you won't be pausing the tape but the big deal here is counting along so that you can tell if notes are falling on the beat (1,2,3 or 4) or the 'ands" inbetween. They are now 4 bars long, you might want to pause after each bar to write it in, but I will be playing each one 2 times!

JUSTIN-Method-Ex-2C by justinguitar




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