Ear Training Exercises (F5)

Well it's that time again to Just Use Sound To Improve Now...

Now we're getting jiggy with it - we have all our barre chords and all our open chords for the chord transcriptions! It's good to hear the difference between the opens and the barres and it doesn't take too much practice!

We're also gonna do a real solo... well it's a blues and it's based around the minor pentatonic, but I'm using other non scale tones too to make it a bit more fun, and it's 12 bars long, so you should find it a bit of a challenge.

We're doing more heavily syncopated rhythmic dictation too!

The real deal is audio!!

OK, I have explained things in the video - but now it's time to put your ears to work!!

MP3 files of these audio clips are included on the DVD Set!

Download JUSTIN Method Foundation 5 Worksheet <-- alt click (or right click on PC) and select save to disk.

Once you are finished you can download the answer sheet at the bottom of this page!

5A - E and A Shape Major, Minor, 7 and Minor 7 Barre Progressions
Now we are using all 8 Barre chord shapes!! So quite a few choices - but if you are doing it right you should not find it too hard - listen first to the root note then work out the quality of the chord! Make sure you pause as usual right after the chord you are working out. It can also help to listen a few times to the whole thing in order before you get going! Go for it dudes and dudettes!

JUSTIN-Method-Ex-5A by justinguitar

5B - Real Solo
For the last solo in your foundation series we're looking a real life solo. Now the thing in real life that is different to the examples we've been looking at is that you get notes you don't expect, that don't fit in the scale you think it should be. So this ex

JUSTIN-Method-Ex-5B by justinguitar

5C - Rhythmic Dictation Exercises (Q / E / S and rests)
In this exercise we are only using Quarter notes (Crotchets) and Eighth notes (Quavers) and also now adding in Sixteenth notes as blocks. And we still have some easy eighth note rests too! This should not be too hard, sixteenth note rhythms can get real complex - but we're just introducing them at this stage! 

JUSTIN-Method-Ex-5C by justinguitar




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